Can't login anymore

I haven’t been able to login all day. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, powered off and powered on my phone, and now when I try to login, I get the message:

“This device, os or software is not compatible with pokemon go”

My phone runs on android 7, so this shouldn’t be an issue. The game worked just fine yesterday.

What should I do?

Could you try logging on a different device to confirm whether it’s your handset or account that’s the problem?

I managed to login on my dad’s old tablet. This isn’t a long term solution though, why is my phone acting up?

Not sure if this helps at all. I’m playing on iPhone 6s and when my memory is full, I’ve seen the message "“This device, os or software is not compatible with pokemon go” twice. I was still able to log in but game ran really slow. After I cleared out at least 3GB on the phone it had no issues.

I’m no technological genius but I don’t know if this might be a similar problem to one I used to have.

I used to get this sometimes when I had an older phone. It seemed to be a short term thing, almost like an update on the device/game hadn’t caught up with each other, or conflicted and it needed a fix. Always seemed to sort itself out within 24 hours, presumably when whatever it was had caught up.

Could try updating both to the newest versions or, conversely, rolling them back a version?

My phone is a samsung s6, so it is quite old for phone standards. It still gives me the same message today. I just find it so weird that it works one day and then it suddenly cannot function anymore on the next day.

Hey I had a friend with the same issue and he ended up having to factory reset his phone and it works now. It’s weird but he had an S6 as well