Can't Wait For Walhart To Get A Refine

I finally finished him… Also powercreep is crazy, the Mareeta I sacrificed had REALLY high base stats and over 65 attack with a bane in that stat…


Walhart refine?
Are you high

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To be fair the older units have lower bst’s and one of Alm’s alts has the same prf wep effect but with better stats.

He’ll get a refine with Ayra.

Yeah, instead of +4 its +5
What kind of powercreep is that honestly

Don’t forget the bst of a lower gen armored. I just looked at Alm’s stats and all his stats are higher than Walharts at base…

Damn that’s alot of atk/def seriously,I love Mareeta,but I’m glad you finally got the fodder you needed,I killed a +atk duo Ephraim to give his lull+hb4 to my b lucina so there’s worst things :joy:

80-87 attack and 66-73 defense. It’s ridiculous and I’m glad he is finally complete. Thank you.

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No shit really?

I wouldn’t have thought that a Gen 3 Infantry unit has more BST than a Gen 2 Cav unit

Tell me more

Walhart is a newer unit that’s actually still pretty good. He is outclassed by some newer units, but that’s powercreep for ya :thinking:
So he probably won’t be getting a refine anytime soon, there are still many weaker units that want refines to try to become relevant again (Older axe cavaliers like Gunter & Titania for example)
He looks great though! :feh_hridexcited:


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Another one. :feh_royyes:

But congrats! That’s an awesome looking Walhart!


Thank you. :smiley:

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Level 2 refines for Gen 1 units anyone?

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I’m down for that, I was talking about adding something like that a few days ago.

It’s been on my mind for months, finally a chance to mention it. The current Gen 1 refines are in tandem with Gen 3 skills and are trying to keep up with the influx of new powercreeping units. If the older refines got refined again, that’ll be real nice. I dunno if a change would be a change to the original refine itself or literally a level 2 refine where we can choose which refine to run. (if level 2s exist, there’s no doubt in my mind, there’ll be a new rare currency alongside it)

Unfortunately, Draconic Poleax exists…So Titania’s a lost cause in that regard

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It’s a real shame too. Units like Sully, Stahl, and Frederick got shafted and basically have no hope of being good since refines didn’t save them


I was thinking about adding up to two refines on a single weapon. like a prf and defense refine or two def refines or whatever you wanna do. Not only would stats skyrocket into the meta range but you can make units super specialized. OR the second refine can boost every stat a few points. 2-3. Maybe we can be given a certain amount of points to allot ourselves. It’s all just ideas and obviously this game is just made to get money off of whalers but it is a nice thing to think about.
EDIT: would be good if bad prf refines got reworked… Some are just bad as TMFM mentioned.

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That would be pretty good for the units who got shafted, but the units who got a GOOD refine will just get more powerful anyway

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