Canto Dagger best users

Who do you think are the best contenders for the newly added Florid Knife+?
What came to my mind initially was all dancers obviously, preferably flying as they can also inherit ATK/DEF Rein. But then again, they already have access to Trace skills.
Perhaps just someone like Tethys?

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Probably Merlinus since he’s a cav and he’s the best dagger in the game.


There are only two flying daggers with Dance: M-Lachesis and M-Ethlyn. Even putting that aside, basically all of the other flying dagger users have Prfs already or are very outdated seasonals. I would only consider HS-Camilla and NY Eir because of their mergability, and even then, it would just be more practical to merge Sothe at this point.

So I personally wouldn’t sweat about inheriting both the dagger and the Rein to the same unit, especially since you need two Sothes to do that anyway (unless the Canto is literally all you care about and you don’t intend the unit to fight ever, in which case losing out on the + version is okay)


The thing is there, you gotta use 2 Thief Sothe to get the knife+ and rein 3, unless you inherited atk/def rein 2 and another skill from another unit for some reason.

And being a special unit, it’s a lot harder to get enough to go around, unless you spend a lot. Halfway through my summons I was lucky to get 2 of them. A 4 star

Then a 5 star. But not before being broken by:


Personally, I plan to just use Sothe and get as many merges on him as I can since he will never get a Prf.

There are times when I don’t get the 4-star focus unit all the way up to 40 summons or later. I got only one Y!Ilyana, but got Y!Ike and two Y!Mia. I just barely got a 4☆ Summer Claude after deciding to summon on his banner a bit more.

Wouldn’t most of your favorite flier units have rein skills by now? Especially on dancers whom are support units mainly. Tho I can’t think of many units who fit that specific class of using daggers, flying, and being a dancer. I know Lachesis, but she was a forma recently and I already got A/S Far Trace. Most people would have gotten a trace on them. Honestly, Sothe is the best user of the skill I think.


A free B slot means more support (chills, sabotages, etc.) or, probably the best use, WOM. WOM + canto 1 means you always get to retreat which you cant do with canto rem. Same applies to the sword since canto rem+1 is basically just canto 1 after a warp.


Another example would be Disarm Trap. It could make retreating after disenabling a trap a whole lot easier, while also maybe dance in the process.

Masquerade Ethlyn and Masquerade Lachesis looking like some of it’s best users, and maybe other dancers like Tethys, Larum or HS!Xander too, which can also IP for Galeforce support.


I’m not really foddering Sothe in fact, on other places I have been complaining a lot for a Sothe alt since Bridal Micaiah but I want to try the sword for Lene, not only she has an offensive build because of course I do dumb stuff on my refreshers and healers, but I had canto for Dancer Eldigan, and he does wacky stuff with it + galeforce


Dancer Eldigan will always be a good unit, and he always appreciates the new skills that come out. I’m considering investing into a merge project since he can be a seriously good AR-D support unit, which I always like
And yeah it’s bout time he got one. I hope it isn’t the last (because he doesn’t have a prf TT), but if it is, then it’s still cool


Easy! Winter Jaffar. :feh_reinyes:

Okay but in all seriousness, I second the dagger dancer notion!


This would be fun to pull off
On the other side, I think Nils could also get infantry null follow, he is at 4+ and I do like this kid