Canto Naesala?

I pulled a Young Tana, and while browsing trough my units it seemed like S/D Near Trace could work well with Naesala.
So people who play Neasala is this a good idea and is neasala still worth using/investing in right now?
Mine is 5*+3 and basically has the same skills as when he came out, but I would be okay with making him +10 and giving some premium skills.


Well it’ll help activate his weapon more, and gives him a form of retreating, and for a flier with 3 movement it helps. Theirs not to many other great B skills for him otherwise


It works well, although be sure to use the Steady Impact from Tana too

Naesala is not that bulky (24 Base Def is baaaad these days) and you give up Desperation to use the Trace; the Impact greatly improves his ability to survive multiple combats. It also gives him a really big Spd boost which he needs because Spd creep has been awful to him

If you like him a lot he still works, but he’s aged rather poorly, IMO. Blue flier class is extremely crowded, and his stats are starting to show their age


Fodder the impact too

I think Drag Back or Dive Bomb are still his best generalist B slots, but the Canto, especially if you’re using him in any mode that isn’t AR-D, is very good. Boosts his combat a little too, which he definitely needs.


Dive bomb with gale force still his best for general
Or drag back too

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Naesala refine when tho

Gimme that 20% of Spd = true damage and that Spd-based damage reduction (even if only for physical attacks)


Drag back is for AR-D I guess?

I use it generally

So if Reyson/Leanne are adjacent to him, he moved back into their range

And if he can’t one-round an enemy, he can get danced and go again. All the while, the enemy is getting further and further out of reach from their supports and it gets harder to chase Naesala.

Like this. I think he’ll need Steady Impact as Spd creep continues to happen, but for today’s meta, this is perfectly useable

Canto is better in AR-O because you don’t want to fall back onto a trap of something, but that’s usually not an issue anyway

He plays kinda like Lunge Eliwood, if you want to think of him that way