Caption contest: What should Spark say to Amber? (Me)

Hi guys, I think I should do something interesting with captions. This is a caption contest, where the winner gets something nice for Christmas this year.

2020 continues to be one of the worst years in modern history, so I’ve decided to do this:

Using any photo editing tools, give something funny, cute, or clever for Spark to say and I’ll pick the best one. The winner will be PMed and I’ll send them something nice when Christmas comes by :3

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The deadline is December 1, 2020

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Ummmm I can’t even copy and paste a screenshot on an iPad so yahhhhhhh…

If you want, comment what he should say and I can edit it in for you

Oh thx but I don’t think I should cuz I’m still like ten years old and prob don’t want my parents to get concerned about getting a random gift from someone I don’t know. Also I’m turning eleven in two days :blush:
Edit, forgot to put this in, it would still be fun to do for fun the :)

(happy early birthday :3)

It’s okay, you don’t have to