Caren or NP2 Arjuna Alter?

Okay, so after Himiko, I plan to start saving up for next year, since Koyanskaya of Light is coming during the anniversary and Oberon appears a day later I think.

But, taking into account that my AA is still NP1, I think it would be beneficial to increase his NP level for future buster farming.

However, I really like Caren, I enjoy her kit, and I do have Skadi.

So… I want to know which of the two would be better for my account.

Edit: Thanks for the answers! I also made a mix up with the white day events, so I’ll go after the both of them

Maybe even try to NP 3 AA, but we’ll see!

Godjuna already hits like a truck with just np1

Roll Caren


Given that AA will only get a banner outside of GSSRs in 2024, you have plenty of time so you can roll for Caren and still save for AA and Koyan so that’s what I’d personally do.




Ignoring rolling for love,(which you should always do) AA is one of the best servants in JP still with the addition of Koyan and Oberon he is currently part of the Holy Trinity of AoE berserkers. If there are damage thresholds you are not meeting with an NP1 AA it would definitely be more beneficial to get extra NP levels on AA. For farming Caren is good and she can run BG, but like lots of servants, she suffers from being a quick servant. S.Skadi helps but does not really push quick above arts and buster, just brings it much closer than it was. NP1 AA is good but even with his insane damage at low NP levels, there will be times when you want the extra firepower. I have an NP2 AA on JP and an NP5 AA on NA and I definitely do have moments where I wish I had my NA AA on JP.


There is no such thing as too many NP levels on Arjuna Alter if you love him. Even now he is amazing for knocking out high HP targets with minimal support.

NP1 Caren isn’t going to impress; roll only if you love her or are planning to invest in her, and even then she is not going to be an amazing gameplay option until/unless Quick farming get a real revamp.


If you want Caren, go for her, getting a new servant is always more interesting then just an NP level, plus is not like he needs that NP level

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As someone who has acquired and forgotten about many new Servants, I hard disagree.

One might expect this to be true, but I think most of us can find at least a few Servants in our rosters we would put up for adoption in a heartbeat if there were even a chance of gaining NP levels on those we actually cared about.


It is fine, we all play on a different way, but at least for me, just getting NP levels is kinda borrying, new servants give me something to do, something to read and new stuff to try, and if they are a servant that i’m interested all the better


There’s plenty of time between Caren’s release banner, Valentines 2023, and AA’s banner, White Day 2024, so why not both?

I’m very much a fan of having a wider breadth of servants to choose from, over few higher NP choices.

Though of course I’d put my NP2 Scheherazade up for adoption for even one more Kama.


Also, some I hope not to get certain Servants and would gladly get other Servants NP’s than my first.

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Disagree - she is equivalent to Buster farming and 5CEs anything. Can 6CE some content, but not as much as Arts’ best. Post NP-rank up she needs only NP2 to destroy everything with DSS/Oberon, let alone the extra damage Summer Skadi/Oberon now brings.

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5CE is not “amazing” in my book. That’s been the standard since Skadi came out.

50% gauge starter 5CE is the best Arts AoE can do in 90+ without specialised comps, and the best Buster can do without RNG or Melusine/Arc. So I’d say her position is completely solid - she has equivalent performance to Spishtar/S.Kama in 90+ and better damage than S.Kama.

She has less freedom with 6CE comps as she pretty much needs an ally like Hephaestion or Sanzang, and she has less content she can 6CE (e.g. mixed doubles probs trouble), but her overall performance is genuinely top tier - just not to par with Melusine/Arc.

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It’s a matter of semantics, really. I consider her performance to be “acceptable.” I’m also not counting on single-attacker setups to 6CE most 90+ content when there is almost always a setup that can be made using two or three attackers.

She’s far and away the best Quick AoE for loop and damage specs (Douman is a different kettle of fish and I consider him and Taikoubou as far more useful team builders) so I’d rate her as high end, not average.

She is far more capable than the majority of loopers by virtue of NP2 and your 50 gauge CE of choice being all it takes for her to omnifarm anything but Avengers with no RNG.

Is that amazing in light of Arc, Melusine and now Ibuki? No, but it’s a firm 2nd bracket of high end. She’s incredibly close to the very best of Arts despite having a worse support.

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Yes, we can agree on that. She looks amazing if you compare her only within the Quick system.

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Pretty much. She is comparable to your conventionally best in Arts, with the limitation being that Quick isn’t built for multi-DPS comps atm.

Hopefully “Seimei! Seiiimeiii!” changes that.

Speaking of - if we get 3x SL early I intend to have Douman as my 3rd teatime until Koyan. Maybe give him BL after that?


I might do that, too. The Teatime Douman on my Follow list has been really fun to use.

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I might keep him on it because everyone else will have Skadi teatimed, and you have to be the change you want to see.