Carmilla Rider (summer): your opinion?

So, while doing JP summer Event i rolled 22 SQZ (all the quartz i had) and at the seventh one i did not get Musashi like i hoped. (I stated before that i do not like Musashi. But since this is not my NA account, i told myself that i could as well try to roll her and test her).

But, Fate wanted to teach me a lesson. These days i kept calling Carmilla Summer a bad servant, because i did not like her design nor her attacks.

Called her Queen of BDSM also. Well, guess what i got with my last roll?

…and i need her for story mode, i lack riders.

So, i ask of you: do you think that she could be at least useful or should i use other 3* riders?

Anyone already tested her?

EDIT: her skills are astounding. Useful, useful. Even if i won’t be able to raise them because i need pillar-like materials that comes after Part 1. I need to find them in event shops…

From what I heard sexymilla sucks… Her damage quite low and no hard survival… No double skadi system for her too… I’ll put her in tier 4 if it’s me.

She crit hard though… That’s the only redeeming feature I guess apart from her sexy, hot and thicc 3rd and FA

but she has nice skills.

1- Chance to Skill Seal a single enemy (1 turn)
Decrease Critical Resist for a single enemy (3 turns).
Gain Critical Stars.

2- Applies delayed debuff “Calling Card” to one Enemy.
Calling Card: After one turn, drain NP gauge by 1. Charge NP gauge for all allies.
Decrease Critical Chance for a single enemy (3 turns).

3- Drain all enemies’ health.
Decrease Defense for all enemies (3 turns).

Per enemy! Meaning that against 3 enemy she regain 6000 hp each 6 turns + a DEF debuff

Also, another plus for me is that her NP is a Quick AoE. So even if she is NP1, it’s still 600% on a 900% max.
Good enough.

Plus, her NP gives Nullify Buff (what does it mean? )

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She’s seems to be a great support in CQ’s with many enemies as long as the opponent doesn’t have Debuff Immune. Her 1st skill is essentially a 50% reverse crit buff, which is definitely a boon for crit servants like Lancelot and William, and her ability to charge NP gauge in an unorthodox way is kinda useful in certain situations. Her last skill basically ensures she isn’t going to die soon, and gives a hefty 30% def down, which one a few servants have. Of course, her buff block and quick res down on NP are great regardless. She’s no farmer/ premier support, but she’s quite good. Too bad she’s a summer servant though, I think a lot of newbies would appreciate what she brings.

Her Bond CE is Awesome too…

Apply NP damage up 30% for herself only.
When Carmilla (Rider) attacks, 10% chance to apply skill seal to the target for 1 turn.

Skill seal for each attack with a 10% chance to happen? Now, that’s very interesting.
Also, it’s good that she is suited for CQ because i do not do farming teams

Her main source of damage being crits sounds very much like her original, assassin self - which I like, to be had.

Not going to go out of my way and run a JP-acc just to try get her right now - how do people manage to juggle two or more acc, even ^_- - but she’d be yet another addition to get-oh and grail-list once she arrives to NA.

I have created this JP account many months ago and still am in London singularity :sweat_smile:

It’s not about Juggling account… is that i can’t wait years to roll for Nobu Avenger and Tamamo Vitch :innocent:

Anyway. BDSM Carmilla lower Crit resist and we have at the same time Hokusai saber welfare that is a critical saber similar to lancelot.

It must not be a coincidence.

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Her skills aren’t all that good if used by their selves. They’re best used combined if you can. Her damage output in her np is horrible to the point that you might as well use Medusa since you’ll only have car-milla at np1.

But hey, she’s waifu material and her 3rd ascension is great, so most or that is forgiven.

She is still better than Summer Musashi. A berserker that on her 3rd skill gain Inv pierce but has a 5000 hp demerit.

If i need a glass cannon, i go with Penth that also boost party buster/attack

Implying getting her to NP5 isn’t the goal :joy_cat:

If quartz weren’t something to worry about and I didn’t have to pay for more, you can dang well bet I’d try to np5 her :joy::joy::joy:

Me too.
AoE riders?
Not a lot of choices. Since i do not like Drake, my best bet would be Carmilla BDSM


I mean, yeah, you’re going to use all her skills at once so that your actual attacker can deal more damage during their burst turn. I think her weak NP damage doesn’t matter much, since she’s not doing most of the damage anyway. You mostly would want the Buff Block and Quick Res down

Waver + Carmilla summer + Ushiwakamaru(cheap budget - great ST damage)

Lower with Carmilla NP the enemy Quick resistance.
Then buff your Ushiwakamaru with Waver’s attack Buff (or SKADI for overkill) and go Dan-no-ura Hassou Tobi.

You win.

In fact, as soon as i get Ushi NP5 here in JP, i’ll kill all the Story demon pillars this way (when i won’t blast them away with my soon to be level 100 NP5 Jeanne Berserker)

It’s really not that spectacular. We have so many Rider options these days that pack far more power. But as has been pointed out, she’s Nitocris the 2nd where one wants to roll her for her Artwork and stuff.

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Or, like me, if you really have no other options because you don’t want to use 3* riders and you have no quartz to roll for better riders.

She’s better than nothing, afterall. And i admit that her final ascension art is good

I do think, depending on your NP levels, that the 3* Riders pack a whole bunch of benefits over Carmilla though. From Medusa’s QP farming potential, to Alexander’s Quick Support (not so useful on JP anymore though), to Ushiwakamaru who is still the queen of 3* Riders and will destroy any Caster boss.

The rest are either story-locked, or Boudica who is in a bit of a weird place.

You mean in a COOOOL place

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She’s a crit debuffer, like her Assassin self. Independent Action is such a good skill for a Rider Quick to have. Oh, she can charge the bar of MLB Immaginary Element party allies holders in turn 2, with lv 10 2nd skill…

I suppose Holy Night Sign is the best CE for her. To bad I will never get it on JP…

The buff block on a AOE NP is actually neat, she and Kotarou can troll a lot of multi-bosses situations (and now I dont need to waste mats on Mephisto to get buff block on my JP account, like I did on my main =P).

how do people manage juggle two or more acc

It’s hell, bro. Just do that if you hate yourself :upside_down_face:
I have yet to go across Memelot, but I am totally not doing that before leveling everyone important (David, Robin, Euryale, Ushi, Georgius, Hans, Chen Gong, Leonidas, now Osakarcher, SaberHokusai skills…) which is hard, as I am being plagued with big luck on this alt, many golds came, as Nobuvenger, Nobuzerck, NP2 Atalanta, NP2 MHXX and NP1 Marie…halp, not humblebragging/flexing my account, is an actually problem :sweat_smile:

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On the other hand - stacking queen red-head’s crit buff and Hungarian’s crit def-down should be…interesting, no?

Even more reason to look forward to state of NA in 2 years time :fgo_illya: