Case Files Raid Friend Recruitment Thread AKA Barbatos Bullying 2.0


  1. Please place a screenshot of your support list
  2. Share your code and how many spots you have available
  3. Please recommend posts with particularly good Support lists, MLB CEs are ideal!
  4. Please let people know if you’ve sent them a request (via the @ feature) and let them know your IGN so they know which requests to accept.

Been a while since I made one of these, but I think that there are enough new people on-site that we’re long overdue for one especially since the Lady Reines Case Files event is likely to drop soon or immediately after the current one ends.

For those who haven’t seen any of my previous ones, this thread is just as it says, a thread specifically made to help look for other players who have a specific CE and/or Servant to help with event farming.

The event is another mission-style event, much like the current ongoing event. As usual we have three different gacha CEs to provide drop bonuses (one per currency), one shop CE, and a list of Servants to provide bonuses to make farming that much easier.

Bonus Servants
Servant Class ATK Bonus Bond Bonus
Gray Assassin 100% 50%
Sima Yi (Reines) Rider 100% 50%
Astraea Rules 100% 50%
Arturia Pendragon (Alter) Saber 50% 20%
Archer of Shinjuku Archer 50% 20%
Iskandar Rider 50% 20%
Alexander Rider 50% 20%
Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) Caster 50% 20%
Leonardo Da Vinci Caster 50% 20%
Charles Babbage Caster 50% 20%
EMIYA Assassin 50% 20%
Arturia Pendragon (Alter) Lancer 30%
Nursery Rhyme Caster 30%
William Shakespeare Caster 30%
Jack the Ripper Assassin 30%
Sakata Kintoki Berserker 30%
Paul Bunyan Berserker 30%
Antonio Salieri Avenger 30%

PSA Regarding Event Shop CE

Take note that the shop CE (Meeting of the Heiresses) provides a +15% to rare enemy appearance rates. Bringing 5 puts it at 75%. Add in the base 25% appearance rate, and we get a 100% appearance rate. At MLB, the CE only give +30%!!! bonus to the appearance rate. Two MLB ones (yours and support) only adds up to 60% + 25%, for a total of 85%. Still quite high but something worth noting. If you manage to get an extra drop, then 25% + 30% + 30% + 15% = 100%.

Whether or not you decide to MLB it to free up slots for drop bonuses is completely up to you.

But let’s set this aside now. I think we all know the real reason why everyone’s looking forward to this event.

With 7 different possible mat drops (all of which tend to be commonly needed by a large number of Servants), three types of skills gems (sadly limited only to the Assassin class) and over half a million QP PER RUN with a cost of 30AP per run, this event is easily one of the most lucrative events we will have until the lotteries come around.

Much like the original Barbatos Raid during the release of Solomon (or any raid event for that matter), the raid will have a global limit of how many times Barbatos is killed. As such, anyone who wants to take advantage of this walking(?) treasure trove will want to start things off as soon as the raid itself opens, and then run it as many times as possible before the NA server population completely takes him out.

Using apples is highly recommended because we get so much from each run. The only reason anyone would have to hold back is if they have no need of the mats and QP (which makes little sense because it’s always needed), you have no time cause of IRL stuff (understandable), or if you’re saving them for the soon to come Hunting Quests (cause it has mats you need that the raid doesn’t provide) or the lotteries (which are still a long ways away so there’ll be time to restock on apples anyway).

This thread is mainly for looking for people who have the Servants and/or CEs you need to complete your farming team, whether it’s the event proper or the team you’ll be using to hopefully OHKO Barbatos to maximize your number of runs.

Given that the raid does not drop event currency, Masters are free to use any CEs to make it easier to farm. Some notable CEs to equip on non-DPS Servants (or your Support List) are Mona Lisa and the long awaited Bella Lisa (for QP Farming), Chaldea Teatime and Lunchtime (for Bond Farming), Personal Lesson (for Mystic Code EXP farming), Ox Demon King (+10/15% partywide Buster buff on entry), and some Bond 10 CEs (specifically those that provide party-wide offensive buffs).

For help with creating such a team, I recommend paying a visit to @jakeyb’s thread, which comes with a set of pre-made recommended teams, the tools to help you test your team’s damage numbers, and numerous people to bounce ideas off of for those who can’t use any of the pre-made team suggestions.

Good luck to everyone when the event comes and happy farming.


Ngl if Barbatos had a Human form that was female I might actually feel bad about kicking it’s arse all over the place


I can only offer lvl 1 Shakespear with lvl10 1st skil :catlie:


I can offer my Alexander and Ascension 2 Kerry

And eventually NP2 Luvia

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I’ll be back later cause I’m doing something and can’t get to the game. I’m planning to have Merlin with Mona Lisa and skadi with Bella Lisa for raids. I’m also planning to roll (potentially a lot) for Reines so I should have a decent amount of drop ce.

I should have 5 slots last I checked. Will edit my post when I get time

Edit: I do have 5 slots open atm

This is my current normal support which for the most part is the exact same as my event support (minus obvious ce differences)

I’ll switch things up when the event rolls around

IGN: Ren
Fc: 826,202,458


What else is new? :fgo_gudako:


Look I didn’t roll the okita banner… much


You still rolled. :fgo_davinci_coffee:


Wanna add gp peeps
Looking at my fl: 93/93

All 3 tickets and 3 sq :fgo_gudako:





game still awarded me with another sanzang so yay I guess


Easier raid runs at least. :sweat_smile:

Meanwhile I’ve tried for her on three separate occasions to no avail :catcry:


oh a be graceful :fgo_jeannyes: can I have a spot? ign is 司波達也. I am planning on ML and BL on skadi/merlin for the event.

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Can I have a spot? IGN is Kishou_Kun. I am planning on ML and BL on skadi/merlin for the event.

Tenebrae would like a spot too if you please. My Skadi would likewise have Bella Lisa up though I lack a damage dealer…

Can you add me?
IGN: Rambukala

i don’t really have any good Support casters, the best i can offer is a 8/2/2 Sanzang
and a 6/10/6 mecha Eli.

i need that Merlin :catlie:

Got all 3 of you

Only 1 space left atm


Could I send a request as well?

IGN is Vampclaw