Case Files Raid Friend Recruitment Thread AKA Barbatos Bullying 2.0

I would love to use that setup with my alt, Jeanne 10/10/10 with lv50AD and Arctic lv9, but alt doesn’t have Waver or Lancer Raikou. I could go with Jeanne, support Waver and Nightingale 8/8/9 with lv100 Kaleido.

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I’d like a slot please when one frees up for Sanzang! Thank you~

Tenebrae @ 131,148,036

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Request made for Tenebrae

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This will be up during the Memory Replay Quest. Maybe some slight variations between now and then.

This will be up during the raid, doubtful that my Liz who is 7-6-1 will be used so leaving Enkidu there. May swap Ozy (Def down at lvl7 =22%)Martha, will either give Mona Lisa or MLB Ox Ce.

A lot of CE’s are placeholders as I don’t know exactly what quest will be available at what time/when is best to swap CE’s around. I will be rolling so expect Event CE’s. & No QP to level Waver’s skills higher. Accidentally took him to 80 instead of leaving him at 70 so… oops. Expect 10-1-10 & PG whenever there’s CQ’s or anything fun going on.

LF Merlin’s with MLB Bella Lisa.
495,905,920 IGN is same as here. 9 slots open after purging non split support.

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I’ve sent a req IGN Spade

If you haven’t yet, you can check this thread for help making a team for the raids.

Anyone putting up Bella Lisa on their Merlin for the raids? Also have Teatime on Merlin on their regular setup?

I… Need more Merlins.

Also anyone putting Belle Lisa/Mona Lisa on Lancer Raikou?

I’ll be putting it on my Waver.

Added and locked! :catwave:

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Here is my current support setup, my code is 947,738,103 for anyone who is interested, I have 4 slots open right now. I tried to put up my best single target servanrs for the raids, including Sanzang, and Waver in all with MLB Mona, not Bella, sorry. Hopefully my rolls will go well and I will be able to put up a maxed Raines for the event, but we’ll see. Also I will switch around craft essences after the banner goes live

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Think I’ll add my code here too. 250,054,284. I’m looking for anyone with a 10/x/10 Merlin with Bella Lisa. And here’s what my support list will look like for the raid. Please reply to this post with your IGN so I can accept.

@Insert-name & @Kastian I’ve sent a request, my IGN is Neyka.


Still looking for TT Merlins but if there’s someone in dire need of XZ/Raikou lancer then might help as well

I sent you a request :fgo_sanzangpoint:

IGN is like my name here


I have a 10/2/10 Merlin but my Bella Lisa isn’t MLB :(


That’s okay. If you’d like to use my Sanzang or Lancer Raikou, send me a request, let me know your IGN and I’ll add you.

@Christo Accepted


IGN is Niriel, will send an invitation right now !




@Ivory_Black @Neyka I’ve sent a request IGN Chronos, i can use your XZ, i have merlin and BL but currently holding Ox because some people need it. But if you accept i can arrange to change it with BL every an hour or two. Though i don’t know the raid is going for how long.

If anyone need merlin with ox you can drop your id


There is still room if anyone needs a monk or prefect.

@Kastian , @Larcenist
Sent an invite, IGN Fujimaru.


I’m fine with it, as long as I can help you I don’t mind whatever is on your support list

If you still have room, I’d like a spot please as Tenebrae. Thank you in advance!