Case Files Raid Thread :: The Time of the Barb Hath Passed


Yooooooo long time no see :catwave:

tl;dr: if you can bring out I Thought BDSM Stood for Buddhism with a Black Grail and Lancer Raikou, you should do that. :)

Still with me? Cool. Let’s go over this.


In the Lady Reines Case Files Collab event (expected during Golden Week, so as April turns into May), we get to bully the legendary Barbatos.

If you were around for Solomon’s release, I’m sure you have plenty of fond memories. The hearts! The gears! The pages (remember when we were all hurting for pages because Hyde Park never drops any?)

The whole point of the raid is to spam OHKO Barbatos as quickly as possible. This is where you chew through your reserve of apples.

Because, as you can see, the rewards are excellent


It drops QP. And scales, hearts, pages, GEARS, lanters, DUST AND BONES, and assassin gems…all are very good rates. Thanks to @Niko for providing drag rate data. (Translated version; scroll to the bottom.)

Drop Data Table

Material Approximate Rate Ap/Drop
Heart of the Foreign God 16.34% 183.59
Dragon’s Reverse Scale 15.84% 189.39
Homunculus Baby 57.43% 52.24
Forbidden Page 57.9% 51.81
Eternal Gear 69.3% 43.29
Ghost Lanturn 18.3% 163.93
Void’s Dust 24.3% 123.46
Evil Bone 40.6% 73.89
Secret Gem of Assassin 25.7% 116.73

Average QP/run looks like it’s a ~1M with an average minimum of 700k per run.

Farming Barbatos is much more efficient than farming QP from the daily quests because of the materials you get. If you’re QP farming with apples, STOP DOING THAT.

So, let’s talk about how we can pound this ■■■■■■ in the most efficient way possible.

The Encounter

Barbatos is an Assassin with 500,000 HP and no break bar. Upon entry, it’ll debuff you with one of { Quick down, Arts down, Buster Down, HP recovery down } or it’ll buff itself with crit strength up.

Obviously, if you’re bringing Quick and you get hit with Quick down…that’s debilitating.

Likewise, as the fight goes on, Barbatos has more opportunities to ruin your day, including:

  • Applying skill seal
  • Increasing your skill CDs
  • Applying Ignore Invuln to itself
  • Hitting you with an AOE NP and a nasty 50% def debuff

Not to mention that raids have a timecap, so we want to be quick so we can get more swings in.

Barbatos, in this raid, has the Undead trait.

One-Turn Barbatos Kills

Barbatos is Assassin class and has the Heaven/Sky 天 attribute, so Man/Human attribute servants get a 10% damage bonus against it and Earth servants get a 10% damage demerit against it.

A few servants get bonus damage as part of the event, although sadly, none of them are very notable for the raids bar Kintoki.

Useful Servants

  • Standard Supports: Skadi/Merlin/Waver/Tamamo. You know what these do.
  • Sima Yi (Reines), who is new with this event.
    • She gives a better Atk buff than Waver (40% vs. 30%) but only charges 30%.
  • Debuff Clearers: Martha, Medea, BB, Sanson, Medea Lily, Circe, Lancer Raikou, Bradamante, and Nightingale (NP only). Void Shiki, Jeanne d’Arc, and Marie Antoinette also clear debuffs on their NP, but they don’t really contribute to your offensive presence and they don’t have a charge.
    • Medea, Sanson, and BB are the only f2p sources of debuff clear until Assclapius comes with LB4. (And he has a battery too!)
    • Martha, Circe, Lancer Raikou, and Nightingale can all boost your damage. Of these, Lancer Raikou has the best damage-boosting potential for Buster teams. Circe can fire off her own NP and is a better pick for Arts/Quick comps.
      • For reference, an NP1 Circe with Limited Zero/Over (+500 Atk, +25% Buster) deals ~31,265 on average with her NP. If you happened to stick Black Grail on her, NP5 Circe can contribute an extra 100k to your damage. But if you can stick Black Grail on her, then you can probably clear the boss without using her NP…
    • Bradamante is a uniquely useful pick because she can clear debuffs and give you 20% NP gauge. This will come in handy.
  • NP Gauge Chargers: Shakespeare, Ryouma, Helena, Archer Helena, Parvati, Osakabehime, Bradamante, Sima Yi (Reines), etc.
    • Gauge chargers are good. Don’t forget that Ryouma has a 10% charge skill!
    • Bradamante gets another s/o here for being uniquely useful during this raid, as she can cleanse otherwise debilitating debuffs.
  • Damage Supports: Lancer Liz, Medb, Chiron, Shakespeare, Caster Nero, Bride, Quetz, Lancer Raikou, Scáthach, Caster Gilgamesh, Atalante, Atalante Alter, Nightingale, Stheno (with Kscope)
    • These all provide strong (albeit sometimes conditional) buffs and make ideal 3rd supports. Nightingale and Lancer Raikou are especially good for Buster servants that need a debuff cleanse. Liz and Medb can push damage to +60% for females and +70% for males, respectively, assuming one doesn’t need a gauge charger or debuff cleanse. NP5 Stheno can do the same for Divine allies, assuming you can get her to NP.
  • Caster Helena’s bond CE gives the party +20% damage against assassins. I’m not 100% certain of how it gets calc’d (I assume it’s additive with NP str up and crit buffs), but she’s a good 3rd buffer to bring if you just need a gauge charger. She can also NP with a Kscope! (Or with Imaginary Element if you’re also bringing Merlin/Waver.)


As a Buster-inclined F2P, Mecha Eli-Chan is your best option, followed by Caster Shuten = Summer Jalter, coming down to flavor and who you have raised/the resources for.

For everyone else, Sanzang is the true MVP of these raids, if you can enable her.

Sanzang @ Black Grail, Merlin, Lancer Raikou, Default MC/Arctic/Ani Blonde

This comp has it all. Lancer Raikou’s targetable buster buff has a debuff clear, so you don’t even need to worry about the field effects.

With a Lv. 100 Black Grail, NP1 Sanzang, and the default MC, this comp does a minimum of 534,839—which will oneshot the boss.

With a Lv. 20 Black Grail and the default MC, we’re looking at 434,867 - 530,993 avg. 483,171. Switching to plugsuit + Shakespeare gives us 470,995 - 575,109 avg. 523,314, which is much better. :)

If you have Lancer Liz, she’ll boost Sanzang’s damage slightly more thanks to her double Charisma and her def down. She’s also Divine, so Stheno can actually boost her damage more than Liz (or NP1 Waver, for what it’s worth).

Remember to bring your Ox Demon King CE or relevant bond CEs if you’re struggling to meet damage thresholds! Merlin’s bond CE increases party Buster damage by 10%; Lancer Raikou’s does the same. Starbomb CEs can also help you close the gap with crits.

Also, unrelated but like, HOW do we not have a Sanzang alt yet? Can we get one when the Camelot movies come out?

Kintoki @ Black Grail, double Merlin, Plugsuit, Bradamante

Slight variation on the fastest way to farm the This was the fastest way to farm the Apocrypha raids, and it’s back. Only snag is getting hit by that Buster debuff, so we swap the Babylonia MC for Plugsuit and bring in Bradamante for her battery + debuff clear combo.

Kintoki also gets a 30% damage bonus during this event. :)

NP1 Kintoki with Lv. 100 Black Grail hits a minimum of 508,556, which is juuuuust enough damage.

If you don’t have an MLB Black Grail, you’ll want to bring Ox Demon King, Merlin’s bond CE, or stargen CEs on everybody (since Kintoki will basically need 50 stars on the field to reliably crit).

You could also use Waver with Kscope, as @Clow-sama did in this post.

Mecha Eli-Chan

Very good option, thanks to having a juicy 60% NP damage buff and a 20% battery. With Aerial Drive/Support Merlin/Shakespeare/debuff clearer/Plugsuit, they hit 384,872 - 469,972 avg. 427,636. Definitely bring starbomb CEs, because their crits will hurt.

Their NP also gives def down to Barbatos, so subsequent facecards will really, really hurt. Of course, that means you have to draw the right facecards…

You could bring Mage’s for the card shuffle skill instead of Shakespeare, but that’s a lot of guaranteed damage you’d lose and with no guarantee of drawing the right cards (and critting). So I wouldn’t consider it.

Caster Shuten @Aerial Drive, Shakespeare, Support Merlin, Santera

Okay, this is where things get…scrappy. Shuten is the best f2p option, but she has a few things working against her:

  1. No battery means we have to feed her a starting NP gauge CE, which means she loses out on the damage from Black Grail
  2. Casters get a 0.9x Atk modifier and this stacks with her 0.9x Earth attribute penalty against Barbatos, meaning we’re working against an 81% damage modifier in total.
  3. Her special attack damage applies to demonic enemies, but Barbatos is a demon, so she doesn’t get her biggest steroid. Annoying, I know.

That said, even though Caster Shuten in this comp deals 345,381 - 421,715 avg, 383,740 to Barbatos, she does have a starpull. This means you should feed your supports starbomb CEs and you can crit down Barbatos to make up the damage difference. Will you always 1T? Of course not. Is this one of your best options as an f2p? Hell yeah it is.

Summer Jalter, same as above

Jalter has a 20% battery, so we can tech our 3rd support to be someone who boosts damage or who clears debuffs, depending on what you’re willing to tolerate. Nightingale and Lancer Raikou are the best; BB, Circe, and Medea are also all good picks. (BB can stun, but Circe and Medea can potentially push you to an OHKO.)

With Plugsuit, before you select your 3rd support, Summer Jalter will do 328,128 - 400,017 avg. 364,253 to Barbatos.


Thanks to his NP upgrade, Hijikata finally reaches the damage thresholds necessary for boss-killing. Given he has a debuff clear on his S2, we also can eschew a debuff-clearing support for a damage support. He also comes with a starpull skill, so we can feed him crits with starbomb CEs!

You can see where this is going.

With 2 Hero Creation stacks, Hijikata gets a +42 to his NP multiplier. NP1 Hijikata with a Lv. 100 Aerial Drive, double Merlin, plugsuit, and Shakespeare hits 368,201 - 449,614 avg. 409,112. NP4 will always KO, but even NP2 will bring the boss within an easy facecarding range.

Lu Bu

Not worth it unless you can run double Merlin and Bradamante, sadly. Aerial Drive is your best CE.

Ruler Martha

With a Lv. 100 Black Grail, Merlin, Waver, and Lancer Raikou, NP2 Ruler Martha deals 434,714 - 530,834 avg. 483,015. NP3 gets much closer to consistent KOs.



call me biased, but a Lv. 100 Robin with double Waver and Tamamo and MLB Black Grail can TOTALLY take Barbatos out ~50% of the time grail your Robin everybody

NP5, Lv. 100 Golden Sumo, double Tamamo + Bradamante Sitonai comps can sometimes oneshot the boss even without her Atk buff. If her Atk buffs lands, she will always OHKO (but just barely).

Vlad will always need crits, and even then…:fgo_robinstare:

Nobody else comes close.



NP2 Melt with double Skadi, MLB Black Grail, and any debuff clear support + plugsuit will always KO Barbatos.

If you don’t have MLB Black Grail, bring Martha or Circe as your debuff clearers for their extra def down support. You’ll still have ~130k HP to chew through, so bring starbomb CEs.


NP1 MHXA with Lv. 100 Black Grail, double Skadi, Plugsuit, and Martha/Circe will deal 453,118 - 553,307 avg. 503,464 to Barbatos, which will OHKO slightly more than 50%.

If you don’t have MLB Black Grail, a Lv. 20 black grail with the same setup does 362,391 - 442,520 avg. 402,657, or basically a full 90k lower. You can use her S3 to attempt to make her crit, but make sure Martha isn’t on the field if you do so.

Atalante Alter

Angry cat, even at NP1, will deal 368,274 - 449,704 avg. 409,193 to Barbatos with the Lv. 100 Black Grail/Double Skadi/Plugsuit/Martha or Circe setup. Given the 10 stars she pops on her S1, and her crit boosts, you can actually run 2 starbomb CEs (one from Ooku, the other from Xmas or GilFest) and a Skadi bond CE to push her damage a little more. A quick crit will definitely be the finishing blow.

NP2 with the same setup (not factoring in the bond CE) has a slight chance not to OHKO, but the facecard damage needed is trivial.

If you don’t have MLB Black Grail, NP3 will bring you to a very safe range (436,932 - 533,542 avg. 485,479). NP4 and NP5 aren’t guaranteed OHKOs, but they’re pretty close.


Running Shishou with her LB counterpart is such a nuke that even NP1 works most of the time (460,379 - 562,173 avg. 511,532). You can bring Atlas Academy to cleanse debuffs and Skadi’s bond CE to push damage a little further.

Or plugsuit and literally any debuff clearer who can contribute to your offense (Circe is the standout here.)

Final Thoughts

Lemme know if I missed anything! Feel free to correct my math, (which always needs doing). There are some Buster options I didn’t do calcs for (Illya, Penth) and I’m sure there are plenty of other creative ways to take out the boss, so use this as your starting point and go from there :fgo_sanzangpoint:

Useful Links


Thanks for the details, I didn’t see this anywhere.


Thank you jakeyb!

looks like I am borrowing a sanzang… At least it feels good to have the supports :fgo_casgilworry:


This is about Solomon though

Barbatos can’t exist we already killed it in Solomon

I can’t tell if this is a joke?

But anyways your efforts are always appreciated @jakeybitchette :pray:


I’m being serious

We’re past EoR at this point in time

There are no Demon God Pillars left, How is Barbatos in Case Files?

Ahhh Barbados… I was playing in the car while driving to the in-laws for Christmas. But I just love this momento I found online shortly after

Assassin huh, and this time I have sanzang and np4 circe to tag team death, probably with support merlin :fgo_insane:


I hope people put her up! Because I expect Waver/Skadi to be the majority of the Caster/All slots. Poor Sanzang


Yeah, it’s Sanzang time for me. It’s one of those times NP5 is a very nice luxury since I can run her with BG and Atlas MC for debuff clear in case she gets hit with Buster Down. Don’t even need 2x Merlin, because native Merlin + Skadi, Waver, or Reines will guarantee 1T.

Love you, Sanzang!


Because spoilers

Jk it’s a memorial quest-type thing. Idk the story reason behind it


There are Pillars left - some escaped, as was mentioned during Solomon and since then. As for why Barbatos is here, I’ll wait and play the event.


Just lore her S1 and bring Merlin and like, Liz lol

I’m gonna enjoy being able to grind up Atlas’s MC level, since that seems to be the hardest to level (because how often do you not use your MC?)


Do you know off hand what is better for sanzang if you don’t have BG, heavens feel at low level or AD maxed?

Case Files isn’t Case Files the same way every collab event isn’t their source material. In other words, they can do whatever the hell they like and it doesn’t have to fit any continuity.


I feel bad that Sanzang’s skills are always underleveled, but I blame her for doing the job so well without them. I think I left her at rank 8 s1, but maybe I’ll fix it for giggles.

Okay, done.


Heaven’s feel is better

Aerial Drive is only good for the starting NP gauge, honestly. But Sanzang doesn’t need that, so why use it?

You have your Ox Demon King CEs too


She was an easy 10/9/9 after Xmas3

We got lots of pages and seeds that year


I’m short on pages again, but I’m still around 100 after doing that, so I feel fine.


Crud, don’t have any of these options


Throwback to us getting pages in back-to-back lottos, or something