Case Files Raid Thread :: The Time of the Barb Hath Passed

Wanted to get some thoughts from here on my raid team (how to improve, tips etc). Not feasible for me to one shot but I’d be happy if this team can finish him off a couple of times

Note: gonna borrow a 10/10/10 np5 merlin as friend support

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Why not try to borrow a Sanzang?

And run Sanzang/Circe/Liz/Plugsuit/Shakespeare?

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That’s actually a good tip didn’t think of that haha. I don’t have shakey levelled but even at level 1 his s1 is still a 20% buster buff. But the downside is one of the casters won’t get to maximise liz’s waifu charisma. I’ll try what you said tho

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Then swap Liz and Shakespeare in the order lol or pop Liz’s skills before plugging her out

And you need his 20% battery for Sanzang, so level him to 55 and do his RUQ. You don’t have to level the battery at all.


lol sorry monke brain didn’t register your suggestion correctly. Will do that thanks again!
And by any chance would you have a plot monk I can borrow?

Ask in Case Files Raid Friend Recruitment Thread AKA Barbatos Bullying 2.0!


So the plan is: Start with combat uniform, Waver with bond CE, Mecha Eli with Aerial Drive, and support Raikou lancer. Back row is Okki with a scope, whoever I want to bond farm, and Herk in case it all somehow go’s very wrong.

This is the sequence: Eli’s 3rd skill > Raikou’s 2nd and 3rd skills > order change Raikou with Okki > Use all of Waver’s skills, target Eli with the 1st one > Okki 3rd skill > combat uniform buff > pick Okki’s NP first and then Eli’s.

It’s not the fastest but with my team it’s the best way I can think of to kill Barbatos in 1 turn.

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Poor Barbatos.
I’m going to suplex him 165 times to get the QP needed to fully grail my Astraea and max out my Tamamo’s skills.

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Yo, I never thought of borrowing a Raikou somehow. I think you just helped me find what I was looking for for this.

I changed your idea to work with what I’ve got:

And this is a lot better than I imagined Mecha Eli can do.

A low roll leaves kinda a lot, but with all the buffs going on I don’t think it’s anything a well timed Waver/Eli card can’t fix. If it’s really annoying I can give Shakes a starting gauge CE and let him NP too.

I’m in your debt :feh_crest:


what is the level of your Arctic MC?

well it doesnt matter, just use it instead!

even at level 1 you will do from 472 k to 577k
This way is faster and you will have one extra free spot to Bond farm and use the CE of you choice instead of Shakes

at level 5 you will always 1 shot it


I was thinking to use double no with raikou kscope instead of putting ox King ce…

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My Arctic is still level 4 but that’d be much more preferable for sure

Can I ask what you’re inputting though? I’m trying to confirm this in the calculator but I’m getting an average of 409k :thinking:

50% Buster Up (Raikou, AD), 76% Atk Up (Waver, Arctic, Raikou), 30% Def Down (Waver), 79% NP damage (Eli, Arctic, AD), flat 500 damage, attribute advantage and Alter Ego Class advantage. Anything missing?

your comp isn’t exactly 500 flat damage
ahem not maxed waver


I love how this is what you pointed out

But I’m gonna max him with the QP from this raid, I have all his mats

maybe I’m missing something hmm

hell even my numbers are a bit higher than wanted smh
Eli has 56% NP Up,not 58%

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my bad, i put the 2x advantage, not the 1.5x :fgo_nitocry:

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I’ll be using this team in the raid


Ha, I appreciate the sentiment either way

My Plugsuit is also still just level 6 so I lose little by using it

I’m definitely gonna stick Ox Demon King on my Lancer Raikou

Idk if that’s something you can necessarily rely on finding tho


My biggest want on her would be Bella Lisa but I know it’ll be mostly Casters taking that up :ferdbirb:

It’ll be good for the times I do find her