Case Files Raid Thread :: The Time of the Barb Hath Passed

Yes, now that I think about it.

I don’t have either of those raised enough to make use of them.

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I think an easier team might be:
Jeanne zerk (AD), support Merlin, Reines (IE), Martha (ox)

I’d have to run damage calcs, but when I was trying to do calcs with double Merlin and HNS, the damage was coming up just a little short. Admittedly, I hadn’t thought of using Reines, Martha, or Ox-King, largely due to the assumption that if you’re using double Merlin, you’d be using Atlas for the Debuff Cleanse.

Ok, so it seems i made some math mistakes and Plugsuit isn’t needed at all (for me).

This is NP2 Heaven’s Feel Sanzangs damage against Barbatos with just Raikou, Merlin, and a level 7 Arctic Mystic Code. I completely forgot to take attributes into account and the 20% np damage up on her battery.

So this should work.


Grailed Quetz very good civ.


I don’t have Bradamante so I was giving up on using my Kintoki but then I took some time to try some compo and ended up with this.

Completety unorthodox , I mean no Merlin or Plugsuit, but this compo does 457k min on Barbatos (504k average) with a level 60 BG and if you have a MLB one it’s a no brainer. The 40% def down on Waver’s NP replaces the 50% buster of Merlin and allows the use of BG instead of AD and of the arctic MC instead of plugsuit.


I like this!

I think this is good option for the people with only a Waver or a Raikou (Lancer), but with a Jeanne (Berserker)

I came with this team:

  • Jeanne (Berserker) x/10/10 with MLB AD (maybe other CE with at least 30% starting NP also apply)

  • Raikou (Lancer) x/10/10 with MLB Demon Fox (Support)

  • Waver x/x/10 with Kaleidoscope (Could also be Support, but is less likely I think, with a MLB Demon Fox is the alternative)

And of course the Artic MC (lvl 7-8)

I become a Damage of a least 500k, but i dont know if i did the calculations right…

Does this work? Could someone check this out?


Sent a request. IGN: salamence. Hope you still have space, if not, no worries!


I still have a lot of space, like 20 slots… :sweat_smile:

Sent you a request, IGN: Rambukala

I need that merlin.


Yeah put him to work, he’s been very lazy since he got to Bond 10 :fgo_bbgrin:

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Leading with a Waver NP was a common strategy during the Solomon raids

And I always forget about it

Lemme make a note to add this to the first post


Yep it works. With lvl 100 AD and arctic 7, you reach 500k average damage.
With my lvl 90 Jalterker, it reaches 540k average. Almost sure to never need a facecard this way, even better than with Kintoki.
Edit: I forgot that the Waver def down depends on his NP lvl. Mine is NP2 so -40%, NP1 should still work but support NP3/5 should be the best.



Thanks for checking it out!

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would people picking waver from support list prefer one with his bond ce (for 15 buster up) or regular scope to np first with (30 def down and overcharge on dps) ?

It depends

If you don’t need his NP, it’s a faster clear to not have it

But if you do need his NP, you definitely want the scope

So there’s no wrong answer here


I’ll probably put scope on mine.

I’m sure there will be plenty of them with Mona Lisa, and frankly, for those who need his NP to hit damage benchmarks, the 50% def down thanks to NP5 is going to be extremely helpful to reduce the chance of getting a low roll and not getting that 1T.


would shishou be fine for this too?

Not sure what I should give my own waver, especially just at np1. Got a fresh bond CE and ML besides kscope…

Does this version of Barbatos take double damage from all cavalry classes and Berserker?