CaseFiles plot question (could be spoilers)

I actually read Case Files before collab to better understand the plot and there is interesting detail
There is a subplot when Zhuge investigates mystic eyes incident with Reines and he joined with some girl from CT, who uses the Anima Animusphere spell, the same spell as Wodime used to defeat Chaldea. This spell is Wodime’s family spell, so:
Does this mean that he was a CT teacher before he decided to betray humanity and become a crypter? What is known about his past and what drove him to betray the humanity?

Is this the story from the second half of the anime? You are talking about Olga Marie?

If Wodime knows that spell (idk) then he learnt it from Marisbury while at Chaldea I suppose.

Edit: actually I think they might be different spells, Olga Marie’s has a longer name. Maybe they are the same? :man_shrugging:

Anima Animusphere , as the name suggests is one of the family spells of the Animusphere family, who are the Head of the Department of Heavenly Bodies at Clock Tower.

The girl is Olga Marie Animusphere of that timeline, she is the daughter of Marisbury Animusphere, and therefore the heiress of the Animusphere family. That spell, you can say, is hers far more than Wodime’s.

Wodime was a student of her father, Marisbury’s. And the two families may share some connection. If I had to say, I believe Wodime learned the spell from Marisbury as his student.

Why him? Cause Marisbury considered Wodime as his spiritual successor, and true heir, Olga was in a way, a mere obligation and duty he had to fulfill.