CasGil or Sheba?

Hi everyone!

I am still pretty much a newcomer to Fate GO, and despite having looked up the pros and cons of the Servants that we can choose with the coming event tomorrow, I thought I would still like to ask you guys the question,

Should I pick Caster Gil or Caster of Midrash?

I was also thinking about Nero, but since she can be summoned through the Story Progress Gacha, and CasGil also has a 0.081% of being able to summon, I feel kind of drawn to get Sheba
(Tried to roll for Nero and CasGil, but got only Hokusai from the 10 summons I sacrified OTL )

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Sheba is a specialized need IMO - a single-target Arts NP DPS Caster.

CasGil is far more versatile and is a great buffing partner for your Hokusai.


If You are are a newcomer Helena would be better for you ,She is discount waver and is easy to level up her skills


Helena will be a large farming QoL improvement. You’ll be less married to friend Wavers. Though she does need her first skill maxed, which could take some time.

Both CasGil and Sheba are great options—Hokusai particularly loves CasGil’s support and he can be tough to find on friend lists since we have a lot of excellent casters.

Sheba is an Arts DPS and an NP spammer. She’s hard to raise until you complete Salem since she needs a lot of stakes but she’s fun to play with (especially if you can enable her NP spam).


Personally I would choose Sheba because she’s a story locked servant and her next rate up will be around August. Sheba is a really fun servant to use and she synergizes with Hokusai very well. Sheba boosts arts and buster by 20% while Cas Gil boosts arts by 30% so it’s up to you who you want to pick.


I have both of them and I normally put them in the same team with Helena to boosts my arts team.

Would recommend CasGil first just because I personally prefer AoE fight styles and CasGil would work well as a support.

Like what was mentioned in a previous post Sheba (Caster of Midrash) can be difficult to raise due to Night-Weeping Iron Stake that’s only farmable during Salem. I got lucky to get my hands on said material during one of the event shops even before I know what it was used for!!


Gil can give up to 21(41)% attack increase to all and a 57 (83)% increase to arts.
Sheba grants 18 (28)% to all for attack and a 53(66)% to all for buster/arts.
(#) = dmg with np debuff

Assuming both are at np lvl 1. I am also assuming you have Sheba’s bond ce so art/buster dmg buff is lower in practice without it.

Sheba is better in Buster teams.
Gilg is better in general/arts teams.

Both can support quick teams somewhat but I’ll give it to Gilgamesh for being less busty with quicks and being more consistent especially with a star gen CE.

Both buffs the entire team but Sheba is built to deal more damage on her own to support the main damage dealers while Gilgamesh does deal less damage himself he provides his team with better damage buffs.

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Midrash castor is a choco, fluffy, gorgeous waifu with an eye for money.

Why wouldn’t you choose hef?


I’d just emphasize that Sheba’s damage isn’t going to be that great unless the team is built with her in mind (and even then she’s a 4* Caster, so modest expectations at best).

She also lacks an AoE NP, which mostly shuts her out of the kind of casual/farming activity to which you might otherwise want to bring a kit like hers. Not that CasGil does very good damage, but he can do double duty as a wave clear and a star bomb in some setups (obviously higher NP level = more flexibility).

If we talk general 4* support, we end up back at Helena again.

That’s the question I’m struggling with. I’m only going to invest in one of them, and I cannot make up my mind. It’s easy to talk about numbers abstractly but I’d really like to know the practical application of these two respectively in challenge quests. Which one performs more consistently in teams leaning more towards buster damage? If anyone is still active in the thread I’d appreciate it if you could share your experiences.

Sheba can buff buster and Arts. CasGil only buff Arts. Both can provide stars. Sheba is a dps semi support while CasGil is a support semi dps. ;op


In my opinion Sheba is better because her phantasm allows you to relatively fast kill assassin-type bosses and semi-bosses(like, you know, 160k hp soul eater) while Gil’s phantasm good only for farming waves of small fries(like 20-30k hp ghosts and so on.) which could also be done by a lot of easily obtainable 3star casters like Jeronimo, Babbage and even NP2 Cu caster. On the other hand, leveling her skills and even gaining her third ascension at the early stage of the story will be a problem before you complete arc 1 since Night-weeping iron stakes couldn’t be farmed and you have to rely on very few event shops to obtain them.

Late reply as I’ve been pretty busy researching the recent virus outbreak and balancing that with clearing the towers. My goodness farming those stakes was a pain. Since AP wasn’t spent on the event I had to farm my ass off getting those stakes to upgrade eresh. Finally got them. 10/10/10, after a lot of work. I got sheba in the end but I don’t think she’s getting upgraded anytime soon.

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