Caster Artoria

Her kit is nutss

S1 : charisma +30% team charge
S2: 20% Targeted charge and NP gain
S3:Targeted 50% arts buff + invuln + power mod for human enemies

NP is deduff cleanse , charisma and special invuln that cannot be bypassed.

Imagine invaliding 3 servants at once, waver tam and Jeanne. Such is the power of saber face.


Here’s some text I got:

S1: Charisma of Hope: Increase attack of all allies (3 turns) & NP gauge to all allies.

S2: Blessing of the Lake: Increase 1 ally’s NP gauge + NP Gain Up to all allies.

S3: Sword of Selection: Increase 1 ally’s Arts performance (3 turn) & special attack trait (3 turns) & Invincibility (1 turn)

Noble Phantasm: Round of Avalon - Increase all allies’ Attack (3 turns) & cure all debuffs & give Anti-Purge effect (Reduce all damage to 0, ignoring Pierce Invincibility, 1 time/3 turns)


So an Arts Loop enabler, then?


She is everything you want for NP Loop. Basically better than Tamamo.

I’m so ■■■■■■■ salty.


Welp, that’s a busted kit if I ever saw one lmao.

I’m glad arts got attention but this is a bit over the line xD


Ooof I can only imagine how you feel.

Does she also have a passive np gain per turn like merlin?

Quick is dead, long live the Arts


well f Tamamo

Maybe they’ll buff tammy’s morph for new year’s…?:frowning:





saber caster out here destroying every arts/np gen servant in the game, jeanne, waver, and skadi all at once

gg, dw

merlin maybe safe in avalon


They are gonna give her something shitty again. Her 50% art should have gotten a NP gain buff but they decided to give her a freakin NP5 heal that she already got on her np. Because let’s invalidate her at the only thing she can do for no reason.

They ■■■■■■■ better, otherwise Tamamo is basically irrelevant from this point on. Tama needs to be at least as good as Castoria for competition.


Wow they really just made a 3 in 1 servant because she’s a damn Saber face


Tamamo does have the NP damage buff at least to help out with tougher nodes. Her CD reduction is great for CQs too.

If the secial attack buff was humanoid instead of human it would be bye bye Tamamo

Damn, pair her with mUSAshi/Hokusai/ any Arts Farmer (?) and another Castoria and let them rip. NP gain might make Kaleidoscope a luxury rather than a necessity since we have free CEs like Painting Summer.

Fionn also gets more mileage too. Haha, at least Fionn gets more mileage.

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CD Reduction is locked behind her NP thats the probleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem.

WHo cares about the NP? That’s the thing, you take buffer so that you can 3 turn nods. Tamamo can’t give what you need alone, Castoria can, she is doing the work of, Waver (50% Np gain in total), Bride (Np Charge up for ALL ALLIES 20% like what the ■■■■) and 50% Art Card 3turn (Tamamo).

Sure Tamamo gets a 30% Np damage up, but you can’t say it’s better for looping.

Nah this powercreep is just dumb, you legit don’t need Tamamo or Waver for looping purpose anymore. I hate it.


What’s the recommended skill leveling for her?

I would go Charisma (30% NP gain) Art and Np batery honnestly.