Caster class

Gil cas and nitocris who is better ??

They’re very different.

Nitocris is a 100% NP battery farmer who can guarantee or nearly guarantee kills on many lower-tier enemies (with appropriately leveled skill).

Caster Gil is an Arts and crit star-focused buffer who can also help with wave clear.

If you need a farming Caster, Nito is a great pick. Amazing quality of life boost if you invest in her.

If you need more support for your Arts and Arts/Crit team comps, there’s Gil.


For some reason ‘Gil Cas’ made me think Gilles Caster and I was very confused by that comparison, but you actually meant Gilgamesh Caster, which makes much more sense.


Maybe because we are used to calling him CasGil, and Caster Gilles is just Gilles.

On a separate note, personally I have begun calling Saber Gilles as Gilles Lily.


Casgill: Arts memes enabler for who have high hit counts (specially hokusai or Casgill with the right buffs).
-Slow at the start and no battery
•Great general support in any team if durability is not a big issue.
•Turns anyone into an independent GOD (if they have high hit counts) [70 stars in hokusai NP? EZ)

Nitocris: 100% Battery, mediocre dmg, ins kill works mostly in silver-bronze mobs.
• EZ 3t farmer

Helena: Great for starters, 20%wide battery, 20% all card buff (similar to charisma but with all effects up) , passive stars (not so great)
• Farm
• Long ass CD (no buff stack memes)

500% overcharge MEMES, np for stall.
-Long CD for stars (just pick a merlin,waver with 2030)
-Nothing more interesting aside from that
•500% OC Waifu with NP1 POGGERS

Waver: You should know him at this point, what? You haven’t picked a waver from support list yet? LULW
Tip: if you have 2 wavers and someone who gives def up in np (Amakusa’s ex or Casgill) u can survive an np and a lot of hits, then u “might” stun twice, with Casgill buff the stun should be guaranteed.

  • Mash can work too but u have to stall with less dmg.
    • “i have no weaknesses when my buffs are on”
    except if the enemy crits hard and is buffed.
    • Everything + FP

Scher… Other 5*
Useless king trait dmg in practice… What? Archer dailies with a caster? Wut.
-Needs a lot of buffs in order to deal serious damage.

  • too revealing.
    -Casnero replaces her in everyway
    -Havent seen any CQ apropiate for her (setsubun doesn’t count)
    • Can loop with the right buffs
    • Even less clothes if you are into that…

Cute, crit caster (needs gather or a lot of stars)
-(Insert FBI memes here)
-No dmg steroids.

Medea lily:

A full time healer isn’t good in a game like fgo, just look at merlin.

  • no buffs
    •insta heal and debuff clear in np.

1st Salem caster:
Merlin compatible, just keep stuning and the enemy will die… eventually
-low dmg outside of np
-100% battery for single target but low np gain in return.

2nd Salem caster:

Even more merlin compatible, has every buff that merlin could desire for a dick.

u could use her as a support but she alone wont be enough (cough, cough , buff stack and make abby NP loop)
-No star gather
-no hard defense
• Can np spam by herself with her 2 arts cards in a chain.
• 2 Fluffy ears and u might get a better asterios.
• Tits
• Camel?

Tammy no mae:

Best waifu, works well only with someone who at least has 2-3 arts and arts np, CD reduction in np is unique, pair her with someone who gives her np gain like waver… (or u could pair her with a merlin and abby for memes)

Only buffs arts and np in the future,
Be sure to fluff her tails a lot and get that bond ce which she needs a lot.
Tip: dont equip her with 2030, instead pair her with Casgill and let the stars flow through him or some vampire who needs babysitting… And use her bond ce.

  • Weak skills (cant protect the whole team with her heals)
    • 2 Tamamos is a great team and a meme
    •Waifu, fluffy tails
    •Arts memes best meme. (Art np loop enabler)

Best description! :fgo_kiarasmile:

Caster Gil support of star gen and Art cards
Nitocris farmer using IK



except for arts looping

wasn’t there a nerofest CQ that was basically all [king]s?

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One simple change would probably have given her a useful niche: ST instead of AoE NP.

Not NP loop per se, but crits on her arts + 1st skill (not always necessary) enables a back to back NP… IF there’s any enemy alive

Yes but that’s not arts o.o

Anyway, I am a little biaset toward sherazande, coze I have her np2+ bride+Tammy+superscope.and her np hit fairly hard actually.

Anyway, for the of question, level them both, but if you are new, for now give precedence to nitocris.
She need to be 10/8/x and level 80.
She is a very usefully unit in general.

For the long run, Gil is one of the most enjoyable servant to play, and can be used for some meme short turn run.
His first skill is a game changer.

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that’s different and not strictly better.

a QAABB+B servant does not replace a QAAAB+A servant, especially one with trait damage, which is what I was responding to.

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TBF, Scheherazade’s anti-king niche probably sees less use than Tomoe’s Burn amplification niche…

Not to mention her aesthetics are kinda… disturbing…

But regardless, it is rather pointless to compare two Servants that play vastly differing roles.

I never understood how they justified the lower ATK class modifiers for Casters and specially Assassins. I’ll likely make a formal critique thread for this in the future because other factors do not account sufficiently for this drawback.


Is because in a theory a mage and an assassin shouldn’t be in a frontline figthting

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My theory has been that Casters were initially intended to specialize in rapid NP cycling, while Assassins were intended to produce stars and enjoy more frequent crits.

Of course Casters are generally not known for having overpowering NP performance, and almost no one cares that much about Assassins making stars.

The Caster and Assassin handicap is a relic of launch design IMO.


That was my thought too. I don’t think their other benefits really help them counter that enough. The 0.9 multiplier really starts shaving away at your damage when dealing with 4 star Assassins and Casters. (Specially the ones that were supposed to be fielded as partial or full DPSs.)

Wait, but do they really have any other Class-inherent benefits? Assassins and Casters have tendencies for certain passives and skills but not any class-inherent advantage do they?

The other thing is:

The whole idea that Casters and Assassins aren’t meant to be fighting head on, and so should deal less damage seems intuitive until we note that FGO’s fighting style is always a forced head on and if it was (realistically) more various assassin/caster lethality would effectively skyrocket in some of those other considerations.

So I definitely don’t see the devs justified about this yet.

Yeah, that’s a bit sad honestly. I would personally have liked it if they had mirrored the Knight class triangle with the 1.0x, 1.05x, 0.95x. At least that way we avoid a whole 10% ATK down on two major classes and one gets a 5% ATK bonus instead.

One might not necessarily settle it that way, but I would definitely see more logic to it. (At least the two class triangles would be equal in that case.)


Oh, sorry that was a little long. It’s just really not flowing with me that this thing messes up lower tier servants from those two classes like that. :fgo_circereally:

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It pisses me off every now and then, and I have to post about it to get it out of my system.

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