Caster & Foreigner AOE Buster NP

So I know about Nero Bride Caster as a AOE Buster NP, what’s your thoughts about it? & is there any other AOE Buster NP Caster around worthy of mentioning?
Also I’m not making a separate topic for speculations, so let’s just include it here :laughing: Is there a chance a Foreigner with AOE Buster NP will be added to the game? I heard about Fate/Requiem - Euclid, so if it’s added, is it possible it’ll be AOE Buster?

There’s always a chance. There’s no lore I’m aware of that states that a Foreigner can’t have it.

As for Nero, not sure what else there might be to say. She has a big battery and can buff to respectable damage. The downside is that she gets no refund off of her NP, but the 50% battery offsets that to a large degree. As a Caster her base damage will be meh when not appropriately buffed, but that’s to be expected.

Buster also has the advantage of having plentiful support options, not only because there are many Buster buffers, but because Buster Servants in general are currently popular. While I think some shifting is to be expected with Skadi, the entire player base isn’t going to suddenly shuffle their Buster lineups into their second archive.


Sir Gou, your support to the topic & in-game is always appreciated :smile:


AoE Buster Casters? Well we have Shakespeare, Avicebron and Babbage, are they really worth of mention for there damage? Well Avicebron can clean the first Wave with his 79,5% battery but outside of that i don’t think so, Babbage is ok

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No, yes, yes respectively.

And to the topic: Sure, can always happen. We only have clairvoyance for what will come in NA though, not what will come in JP. It’d be neat to get a gold AOE Buster Caster though.


caster cu and caster liz has buster np too.


Nero is the best caster, obviously. Just like she is the best Saber. Twice.

In all seriousness, AoE buster Caster is a pretty restrictive niche. It’s going to be hard to make one that isn’t inferior to Nero merely on account of her battery. Caster is an inherently poor choice for farming, due to the class’s reduced attack multiplier and lack of synergistic class passives.

I am also dubious as to the value of an AoE buster foreigner, just because of the lack of class advantage, but there is so little precedent for that class, it’s impossible to really make any assumptions about potential designs.


An AoE Buster Foreigner could definitely be good, but it would likely want a special trait or a good battery. The Black Grail best helps those fill their own damned NP gauge.

One of the reasons I chose Amakusa as my go-to neutral AoE damage dealer was his powerful and flexible battery. His effective base ATK is only a handful of points lower than Abigail’s, so you get very workable damage with some buffs tossed in. Naturally, NP levels are really nice for Servants who have less common class advantage targets.

One reason I’m aiming for Extra. NP2 Shirou time!

Personally, as long as it’s interesting, and functional (well, preferably more than, I’ve seen and used enough mediocre on launch units since Day 1 to want more than that), I don’t exactly care. S. Orion is a refinement on the likes of Liangyu and Inshun, and I am down for that. Astraea’s an offensive Ruler after waiting so long since Martha’s release, and she’s solid. Yang might not interest me personally and I find her rather lacking, but she works and I get what’s being put down, so who cares?

DW’s also gotten better on average at making interesting without also being terribad or painfully lackluster too. I mean, you uh, still get stuff like release Maou and all, though that is separate and still DW being DW…

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I’ve read some very intriguing articles by Mark Rosewater (head designer of Magic: the Gathering) on game design and the purpose of “bad cards”. I think there is an Extra Credits episode on the subject in a more generalized sense, as well. In any case, the details are too complex to go into here, but suffice to say, there will always be… shall we say, less viable options that come along. It’s not always a result of poor design, sometimes its either intentional or inevitable (or even merely subjective).

The point I intended to make is that some concepts lend themselves to more easy and straightforward designs, while others will require a lot more creativity and finesse to succeed. With servants like Summer BB, Space Ishtar, VR Mash, or the like, which introduce totally unique mechanics to the game, there’s no way to anticipate what sorts of features a future servant could have to make what would normally be a pretty dubious concept viable.


Speaking of Casters we still don’t have single one with any Quick NPs, AOE or STs. It’d be nice to see that spot covered one day.

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Nah, I got what you were getting at, I was simply adding my own 2c as someone not involved on DW’s side (duh lol). Which is to say, I agree and quite anticipate untouched ground, and why I don’t necessarily mind so many options being easily “replaceable” in my cases, so long as they provide actual merit. This game’s certainly got enough going on to where they could make something abnormal work, and that’s neat.

I suppose I just came at it from a different angle: In one sense it’s very easy to go wrong, though on the other hand, it’s also pretty hard. Look at the ridiculous stuff Inshun can pull off, and how much of a dark horse in terms of popularity he is! People will find a way, “sub-optimal” or not be damned.

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That’s actually one of the things I love about FGO: you don’t really have to worry all that much about using your favorites. With stuff like grails, gold Fous, and just the game’s overall low difficulty, you can choose your units based on preferences and usually you’ll do fine.

When you step back, we love to analyze unit synergies, power levels, and team comps, but none of that is really necessary to enjoy the game. In the long run, it’s really just about winning harder.


While we’re dancing around the topic and since you brought it up, my meta talk personally is really just a fun time-killer/unwinding thing, sometimes theory sometimes practice sometimes both. And since the game is what it is, you rarely get people actually directly insulting people over it too, thank god.

I still want a welfare Quick DPS Caster though, and to be able to obtain Shiki-Stabby and Golden Drive again on my alt…


I love how polite everybody is on these boards! It’s by far the least-toxic video game community I have ever been a part of. As somebody who enjoys playing devil’s advocate more often than I probably should, it’s quite welcome.

Main Interlude when?!?


Also Caster Eli.

Right she exist

Caster Eli is just so sad, np5 4* gets dumpstered by np5 3* (babbage)in terms of np damage.
There’s Cu caster as well who is kinda meh but has a lot of the usual Cu survivability

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Cas Eli continually makes me sad, no less since she’s my favorite of the Eli’s as a whole. I keep hoping one of these days DW will remember her… looking at how slowly they’re working out even Main Interlude from Santera on though, that remains so very Wait And Hope…

In jp, I hate how if I’m doing assassin farming that means no double Skadi, because there aren’t any class advantaged quick dps.

Gotta go with either Zerkalot or Dantes which I have neither over there. At least I have Voyager now.