Castoria + Vlad?

Have always liked Vlad, but his kit seems somehow underwhelming. Now with caster artoria out i was wondering wondering if she benefits Vlad at a similar extent Skadi did with MHX Alter. Has anyone tryied this alredy?


You can already see where were heading at here. Vlad can now NP loop with ease even against Assassins or Berserkers (though admittedly there are better attackers for berserker bosses). 90% NP gain is no joke and his attack buffs buff him a lot. Now lock in (using Summer BB) at least 1 Arts card with the other being Buster or another Arts and he will wreck havoc. Remember how I said crit stars are a problem for Arts teams? Not anymore.

In your first turn, have Summer BB (backline) and one summer Artoria have star bomb CE’s. Another Artoria can hold a 2030. Your Vlad can hold a CE of your choice but usually one that boosts damage like Black Grail. Assuming you have the event star bomb ce then you get 40 stars first turn which is near guaranteed crits. Switch an Artoria with star bomb CE with summer BB. Lock in your cards. Do a BNAE chain and get full NP refund. With BB’s third skill, 2030 and Vlad’s NP OC you get 40 stars guaranteed (not counting possible more stars being dropped) and you can loop it.

At NP1 against berserker nodes the damage racks up to 336451 with 104% NP gain (other classes have much higher NP refund). Much higher NP if you go NAAE. 3 Break bars are nothing to Vlad now and this is at NP1. Here > is the damage numbers based on NP levels:

NP2: 414831 (106% NP Refund)

NP3: 454020 (108% NP refund from this level)

NP4: 473615

NP5: 493210

Here’s a start. He’s extremely great. And I’d not even consider BBikini “optimal.”


Not a JP player, but I took a look due to having NP3 Vlad myself atm.

On one hand, Vlad already has a decent attack buff and would enjoy Tamamo’s NP damage more than even more attack buffs. On the other, having more NP charge would let him get his NP off even easier, and that’s ignoring CEs with starting charge. He likely won’t see any of the stars he generates, but Castoria has passive arts damage herself as well as an arts crit boost. The bonus NP gain could be great as well considering the arts boost she can give and the hit count on his NP.

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Thanks. Now am looking forward the next chance to get him :D