What is the craziest catalyst you ever did for a servant? Did it work?

For me, it was for Ishtar on the 6M downloads campaign. I made a rough sketch of her April Fools art and failed with 400 sq. I’m not really an artist, but I can do work with copying with grids. So I took a picture of her 1st Ascension, gridded it, and copied it with pencil and paper for like 5 hrs. I also prayed nightly (12 nights total), and it ended up working since I pulled her in my second session with <50 sq.

GSSR this past summer, was hoping for Arthur, Merlin or Iskandar. So I grabbed all my books and materials that concerned Arthur and Merlin…got Drake XD. Not complaining though! I needed a good rider in the first place and while I was hoping for Iskandar, Drake is still good for me. 7 million downloads comes up, I have 520 sq and I literally set my main team up as Knights of the Round Table. It took 503 saint quartz…and the last freaking card on the last freaking 10 roll, but Merlin did eventually come home. He got insta-90’d and all of his skills maxed out…and he got a Grail from it too. Now I hoard my saint quartz like the dragon I am and wait for Arthur.

I, um…I just mentally visualize that I own the servants I really want months or weeks before their banners come around, then roll. So far, got most of the characters I wanted. The rest will come around at a later point.
Also, bank card = best catalyst.

I was rolling for Merlin last year and while rolling i was playing the Fate Apocrypha battle theme.

Karna showed up.

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I held my breath underwater for like 2 and a half minutes for Summer Mo. At some point it was less of a catalyst and more of challenging myself to be better at holding my breath for no good reason.

This is my favorite and the only catalyst I bring. Still sometimes doesn’t work.


I used my Jalter figure for her during her banner and it worked, that was pretty much the only “physical catalyst” i used.

I’ll use my necronomicon copy for Abigail, hopefully it’ll work lol

I played padoru while rolling for Summer Nero. It worked


The 4chan thread for FGO has a joke about how being dumb is a catalyst for Mordred.

I have my Medb, she is the only catalyst needed.
In my first 6 month of play I only got 2 ssr. Then I got Medb in rider gssr.
Then I got 5 ssr before the next gssr.
And Medb came to me once more. And now I have 20 ssr (21 dude, you got Orion, accept him. No f*ck ou. I will never accept they thing. He is not a ssr and she is not my goddess!)
So it look like my luck on ssr is directly correlated to my number of Medb.
If I get 1 more Medb now… Oh boy…

There is a video of Seiba’s VA saying “Merlin please come to me” on repeat for minutes. Helped me last year when I rolled for him.

I had special tarot cards created with final ascension art servants that i want and i have that particular servant i want with me most of the time before rolling

:musical_note: What good is a photograph of you :musical_note:

Playing that worked so well that Avalon shut-in decided to arrive after 60SQ spent. :joy_cat:

I usually put some track or other on as I start rolling, after gauging how well it works on slotu machin simulator.

Special mention goes to Etzel-chan, who chose to arrive from general pool not once but twice when I put living Arab chanson Saint Fairouz on. :fgo_illya:

I don’t believe in catalysts anymore, I tried to summon at convenient times, while watching fate anime, playing funny songs. Now, it’s just a battle of attrition, my resolve or my wallet.