Catch Cup - Ballin on a Budget

Hi all! I went out for a run this morning with the intention of gathering supplies for catch cup. I’m trying to not spend very much stardust or double up on investments so budget was the key. I compiled a bit of research on things I saw spawning today and thought maybe some folks would find it interesting (or like to add to it).

Noctowl - HootHoot at about 450CP will evolve to Noctowl right in the area of 1400-1500. Cheap double move. Good protection against fighting, grass and ghost types. Not so good at coverage. I’ve tried this in open GL and it’s more of a cups/silph tourneys type mon.

Golbat - Zubats around 450 CP are where you want to be. Low candy requirement for double move and evolution. Absolute wall to grass and fighting. Doesn’t beat much in the meta, but has shadow ball for some nice reach. Useful in silph tourneys so could be good later.

Cradilly - 800-825CP Lileep is what you want. Bit of a steep investment but I bet you don’t have one ready to go yet! Beats both Azu and Gunfisk but both matches are very close. Arguably playable in open GL. Certainly good for silph tourneys and potentially future cups

Blaziken - Torchic in the low 500s would about hit the spot. Great anti tank/ safe swap punish. You don’t need it’s CD move as it hits so hard to begin with blaze kick will do just fine. Brave Bird for suicide missions. Cheap double move. Glassy as hell.

Probopass - mid 600s for a nose pass. One of a very short list of steel tanks readily available. If your team wants a steel tank you may not have a choice. Fights back pretty well against water weakness and bricks all the fliers which one would think would be very common. Has numerous very dangerous matches.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!


Hihi, thanks!
What about skarmory? Mono moved is viable. Thought about the owl as well, dunno if this double moved or mono moved skarmory makes more sense… Cradily is a bit too expensive cause I guess I won’t use it again. Blaziken I don’t have caught a good one. Thought about a razor leaf Ivysaur… Caught a high lvl one at 1430 or so.
Oh, and I have a clefairy from research… Maybe a clefable as opener…
Altaria might work as well, even though 400 candy - have it, but hesitate a bit…

Yeah I’m actually deciding between skarm or the owl too. I’m gonna for sure start with noctowl tho as I don’t have one built. I of course already have a skarm double moved so I really don’t want to dump dust into another one unless it’s a hundo I can move into UL one day. Noctowl sees play in silph cups where normal types are allowed but not fliers. Could be a Cup one day? Maybe Johto cup?

There’s a few good charmers out there. Clefable is the best in open GL I think. Saw a bunch of cortonee out there today, but Whimsicott’s moves are too expensive for a charmer. I saw a few bellsprouts and turtwig. I’d take those guys over venusaur for a razor leafer. Both of them have cheaper charged moves. That’s just me tho.

Altaria I wouldn’t call budget but if you’ve got the candy…Altaria can rip apart just about anything in a neutral matchup.

Whimsicott is good, in fact I was thinking about it, but there i don’t have enough candies… Both clefable and whimsi have a decent medium energy move, so that’s not the difference, more bout resistance. Water and ground and especially electric resistance for sure useful, but that fire and flying and ice weakness… Difficult…

Altaria a matter of candies, at least you don’t have to power it up too far and an, albeit not that useful, second move is cheap

I’m not expecting a lot of azu / gunfisk (unless people are trying really, REALLY hard), mostly budgetpicks and picks that have been common past few days - the cday duo, golbat, skarmory, obstagoon, sceptile, blaziken, altaria, whiscash, whimsicott to name a few. I don’t have high expectations of it really. I’m just getting as high as possible on the leaderboards - once per season - in Kanto cup and then I’ll run some garbage like Golbat, Electivire and Primeape

Togekiss has to be powered up just 1 level. 100 candy not a small amount but people can just tap the charm and mainly worry about Skarmory. However, Umbreon, Altaria, Obstagoon can do nothing

I hope you’re right but I have a sneaking feeling every other person you face will have Azu. Gunfisk I don’t know. Did they ever say if hatches count as catches?

I think there could be some Toxicroak with one move, it could get some shields if they double charge mud bomb

I was kind of thinking Croak. I was gonna possibly double move it and move one up to UL later on. Depends on how tryhard people go. Just to get it to 1500 it’s like 30k dust tho.

I expect lots Gunfisk, as its fairly common 7 km hatch. On the other hand, i hardly remember any wild Marils in last months,…

I got one. I believe it’s a normal spawn (albeit fairly uncommon) when it’s weather boosted. I got mine just before the current event that’s going on when it was raining.

I caught a full wild Azumarill, but gonna guess still will be Razor Leaf landmines everywhere. Plus Wiggly, Snorlax, Lapras to slow things down

Yeah I’d expect a lot of overflow from Kanto Cup. Though I don’t know where anyone would have got a Lapras that’s eligible. Even into the next time we see Open GL I bet Kanto stuff will be far more frequent until people discover that a lot of isn’t as good there (I’m looking at you Electrode and Rapidash!)

I do know Lapras isn’t a GBL reward, but they were in raids. People like me are too tired to solo tether a tier 5, mainly do these tier 3s

Do you use it in catch cup? Water gun/surf would be a bit redundant, maybe with skull bash as 2nd move…

I’m not using it, I’m on my own level of ridiculous for Catch. Hypno C/with 2 moves/Azumarill/Shadowbone+BC Marowak (but really use umbreon)


Shadow bone? Was it available after Nov 9?

Had a level 37 that did those first seasons of GBL, just the minimum 65 battles to get the ETMs. Did a Marowak raid, ETCM’d and used that accounts 190k stardust to extramove, plus purify and extra move the Hypno

People currently on the leaderboard gonna do stuff like this, might be their one chance to get top xxx. It was just too easy to get those resources before, any average PvP player (on any account) could get to rank 7 seasons 1 thru 3 in 2+ days. Plus $10 for an ETM 2 days ago, some people spend thousands on this game…However, Shadowbone not a season changer IMO, so maybe not many of those

I was thinking of using a serperior I just got, I’ve fount them to be pretty bulky and threatening in previous seasons… would this be any good? I don’t have many options

Think it’ll be good. There will be grass types and Whiscash. I’d look at the Sunny Cherrim matchup so you know what to do (have something not weak to fire to finish that Cherrim). Beyond that stuff to compete with Flyers, A-Wak, Hypno. I’m surprised but Serperior very competitive against Umbreon

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