Catch dust (what's more than usual)

Want to put together a list of stuff that gives bonus dust on catching. I’m sure there’s more, so I’ll edit this as people post for completeness. Will be useful given that first catch of the day is double dust this month, and useful in general.

2100 dust - Audino

1200 dust - Cloyster (non-shadow)

1000 dust - Chimecho, Shellder (non-shadow)

950 dust - Alolan Persian, Starmie, Vespiqueen, Garbodor

750 dust - Trubbish, Sableye, Alolan Meowth, Staryu, Combee

700 dust - Parasect, Persian, Breloom, Amoongus

500 dust - Any stage 2 evolution, Paras, Meowth, Delibird, Shroomish, Foongus

300 dust - any stage 1 evolution

125 dust - anything weather buffed (25% weather bonus applies to all above when buffed, won’t be listed explicitly in this table.)

If anyone disagrees with the values in this table, let’s hash it out below, and when we have a consensus, I’ll edit. And remember, first catch of the day yields double dust during all of December. It switches to double XP in January. So if you catch a Trubbish and get 1000 dust, it might have been first catch.

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Audino - 2100 Stardust.

Shellder gives 1000 as well I believe. And Closter yields 1250. Meowth should be in the 500 category too.


I got way more than usual for an Eevee this morning (first catch of the day, yielded 3600 dust). I must have missed that.

Yup, part of the seasonal bonus for December.