Catching Giovanni in August

Can everyone battle the Big G this month? If yes, how currently do we get a super rocket radar? I already completed the Special Research months ago and was not aware we can still battle him. If yes is the reward still a Suicune?

I reason I ask is because I keep seeing “Battle Giovanni in August” guides online. Also, have the team leaders reverted back to their “normal” rewards / first Mons (ie Beldum, Pinsir and Lapras or whatever)? Last I checked it was still the same trash as in the last event (in Pineco etc)

The current lineup for the leaders is Pineco, Lapras, Grimer. You cannot get a Super Rocket Radar if you already completed the research.

I think Lapras from the current lineups is pretty cool, especially in it’s shiny form…

Thanks, as I expected no more Giovanni for me (or most of us) then.

I have rocket radar from July and I fight with Giovanni in August. At 08/08 2020 he has got suicune for catching.