Cavalry line, how do?

thanks to the Rise of Mila and IP costing me 400 grails, I have decided to make a Cavalry Line Defence.

question - how have cav lines changed since the old akariss meta t30+ desert garbo ones?

ive only seen a couple recently and they seem to run on spring breeze instead of desert.


  1. are they thought to be more effective in dark or astra?
  2. what mythics in each season?

Dark is usually better. 5 2-range Cavs and Yune for debuffing. Bastard Cavs (Leif and Rein) are a must, B!Lyn is a staple, and the other two are usually either Broadleaf user(s) and/or stave Cav with Panic, Gravity, or Pain.

Not much has changed…

what about using mira in astra? the main reason cav lines never seemed that threatening before was the lack of easy to slot in dancers, which favors astra. on the other hand, a light cav lines gives up a dancer (at least for lift loss) but gets to run in a season where it is less affected by isolation compared to other defenses.

also, spring breeze seems to be the popular terrain now.

Was honestly thinking the same thing. With her enemy adjacency based debuffs she would be great, but with the movement she may need WoM or Acrobatics to catch up if there’s a full charge forward on the line to actually dance anybody. Losing her sabotage defense could hurt the non-mage cavs though if B!Lyn or L! Leif can’t kill a tank. The extra res is great though!

I also would say S! Sylvain could be pretty effective on a cav line at high merges for extra magic kills, plus having him run raven tome could help check popular colorless astra units like Kronya! Though Cecelia is cheaper and also does this job!

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This was my mediocre attempt pseudo-cavline+rally trap that uses 2 Mirabilis in Anima. It honestly works pretty well (most people either surrender or lose at least 1 or 2 units). Could be way better with better units (L!Lief for example, or Thrasir), more merges, and better skills, but it works really well because it is basically debuff hell. There are ways to cheese it of course, but if you are not prepared for it, you’ll get punished.

I can’t really speak on the meta since I don’t fully invest in AR (I do well with my mediocre units).

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just started testing this out today (bonus stats aside):

Had a bunch of invested cavs from using for other content, along with a Leif that I tried stacking enough defense on to survive a Bike’s double/aether from another defense that has been scrapped. The idea is to make it as difficult to tank as possible with the pressure of a cav line, one wrong position a supertank goes in and it can easily get ko’ed due to the reverse buffs and lulls. the interaction between mia, leif, peony is crucial. Note: peony is running aerobatics now.

Also have an invested Veronica. Was considering putting panic smoke ideally on Mia or even Leif. Maybe harsh command/+ on Leif so he can reverse buffs on Mia so she might actually be untankable by a Bike. Guard is another option on Leif. Maybe even spectral tome+ on Selena in lieu of a panic stave.

A highly invested Bike can survive Mia with HB as is, but he’ll be badly hurt.

Alright, data from having a cavline for two weeks:

Luna FE, a competitive FEHtuber, says that “the goal of a cavline is to create as much turn 1 pressure so that the enemy is forced to tank undesirably”. Cavlines consist of strong independent cavs who try to cover as many of the units they’ll encounter to make it difficult for the attacker to keep all their units safe. Cavline gets way easier to tackle if you don’t have buildings, so serious players who do that will probably win straight out unless you’re playing on Springwaters with WoM shenanigans.

Traditional cavlines try to spread their influence out to as many tiles as possible, not leaving room for space. The desert map is ideally used for people who don’t have two mythics (AKA, people like me), and those who have two mythics (or… two Peony’s like what @Marbels did with his cavline a few weeks back) I’ve seen going on Spring Breeze and Springwaters. Traditional ones have covered 4-5 lanes, I’m not sure about how well in comparison going less does, but I’m not too big of a fan of that idea because less means it’s way easier to get the cavs baited for free.

Structures are very important on cavlines. Panic manors, shrines, and schools I’ve seen to make the most impact on a cavline. I concluded that infantry school is the most important to consider for dark cavlines, because of how Mila is thicc and that most of the counters you’ll find are stuck on infantry units (NCD generally). Infantry units are also the most popular carries to use from their insane skill availability.

Your primary goal when building a cavline is to make sure that everyone covers the mythics fairly well. While Mila has given archers a harder time from her def boosts, I’d still argue that not giving Eir or Peony a place to breathe is makes them decent enough and that the def boosts just makes the defensive stat boosts more balanced. On Dark, it’s pretty difficult to make good use of healers when it becomes an easy place to put Mila or Eir. I find that any time a mythic can step onto danger zone is a consistent loss of pressure.

Speaking of which, Astra is definitely better for cavlines than dark is. It’s easier to bully Naga and Altina, there’s no res boosts, Mirabilis allowed some really dirty ruse rally traps, Duma’s Upheaval damage becomes relevant, and Thrasir can be a very menacing WoM punisher if the cavs survive. On Dark, healers suck more, the mythics are actually useful (and being ranged can help with turn 2 cleanup), Eir with Temari and Mila with Sabotage Atk can be sure to reduce a lot of pressure, and having a free Peony on the mythic slot means turn 2 cleanup is less punishing from how out of position players can get from turn 1.

How have I tried to solve the problems on dark? I’ve used the desert map since I seriously wanted to try Yune out, and I only have one healer whose job is more to restore than it is to actually deal damage. Harsh commands are very useful on dark so that Temari and Sabo. Atk can be used against you. My specific map has SMEirika, Rath, Louise, Cecilia, and Veronica (who will be switched out for Priscilla or Clarine when merged) and Yune. Throw out as many debuffs as you can, and build your units to be as offensive and advantageous against the mythics especially. If you’re running blade tomes, it’s advised to have multiple sources of Harsh Command (HC+ especially in cases of panic) or restore. In SMEirika’s case, her nullification of debuffs means you can use Hone Cavalry on her since she doesn’t care about being panicked as much. One other weapon to mention and unit I consider to be nice is Lorenz’s Conch Bouquet on V!Titania, and Summer Sylvain. Their weapons have great stat boosts compared to the other inheritable red tome options for a cavline, and it’s dual-phased which is pretty decent for staying a threat on EP against Eir and Peony. If I could get a Sylvain merged up slightly, he’d have been a great substitute for the Cecilia I’m using from his weapon and statline alone.

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Another thing, B slots to consider are WoM, Guard (good against B!Ike), Vantage (make it annoying to kill with a ranged unit), Lulls (wish dulls could be here but it’s only dull ranged available to cavs), and chills (when ideally hitting the entire enemy team, chills will usually get results). One thing I haven’t tried yet but can’t see used too effectively on cavline is that Chill res can hamper down Sabo. Atk and Temari post turn-1. To the very least, I can see Sothis making a cavline more resilient to these debuffs.

Yune’s sabotage is very useful from the lack of space too. I treat her like a very useful building that uses Harsh Command and checks the opponent’s res stats for a rain of res and Chaos Named debuffs.

Bramimond is probably best suited as a WoM punisher and will definitely make all the cavs hit harder. When working with him, make your cavs harder to kill with guard and good defensive a-slots like atk/def push, sturdy blow, solos (haven’t tried them yet but they can be used effectively and healers can use them so it’s a bonus) or ARD skills (spd/res can actually be decent). Push 3 can actually be useful and Atk/Def push 3 is on my Eirika to make sure that she absolutely wins the B!Ike matchup

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