CC#3 For newbie?

Hi a new doctor here, i’ve only played arknights for 2 weeks by now, And today every arknights youtuber that i follow makes a video about their preparation for the latest Contingency Contract event that will drop by next month.

The only thing that I’ve heard regarding CC is that every stages will be hard even for a veteran, so is there even a chance for a newbie to at least participate to get the welfare operators ?

currently all the operators that i’ve raised to Elite 2 are my waifu and husbando and they’re not even a 6* operators so i’m kinda worried that my current team might not be enough for the next CC.

i have a few 5* and 6* operators but i haven’t raised them at all my question is do i need to raise all those 5* and 6* and abandon my waifu and husbando since they’re fairly expensive to raise for CC#3?

If so is there any suggestion on operators to raise that might helps with not only CC but future contents as well, since i don’t want to waste materials and currency except for an operators that i really like

This is all the operators that i have currently


Hello to you,

CC is indeed the “End Game HIgh Intensity” event we get regurarly, but fear not, it contain a wide range of difficulty.
You can already go in the Contigency Training Mode as of right now to see how it looks, and even train yourself so you will be a bit more prepared (you can only acces the Dayli Stage that rotate, well dayli as the name stand for. The permanent stage will be added once the new CC start)
So as I said it contain a lot of different degree of difficulty, which is what we call “risk level” , the higher you go the harder it is, and you add difficulty by adding restriction to your run (such as no sniper, or high deffense for the enemies, lower health for you etc…)

So can you play the CC contract despite not having 10 6* E2Lvl90 ? Absolutly. You will be able to start grinding the first level and climb up reasonably.
Therefore, if you choose carefully what you want to buy in the CC Shop you will be able to buy the Welfare Operator, and even Pot6 it.

Don’t get me wrong, that will ask you to invest time, try to understand how the maps work (which why I advice you to already check the dayli map so you will get a glimpse at the stage and mechanic ahead of the start) and retry different strategie to make it work.
But you can make it work.
Now you probably won’t go to a full clear and manage to beat every Risk (unless you are really massive brain) but you will be able to enjoy (or rage) your time and get enough curency to buy some things.

Do you need 5* and 6* ?
Yes and No. They are more powerfull, we not gonna lie, but their power really start to stand up after Elite 2, so unless you’re ready to invest a lot on them, you won’t notice that much.

But then I need to E2 them ! you’re going to reply
Not necessarily, a lot of 4* do a good job, and can be usefull. You sure would see a difference with a 6* with masteries, but you will still be able to get the job done with 4*, especially in a CC mode where you can tweak the difficulty (the risk you choose) and try to take risk contract that align with your strong point.

As for advice to who to raise, I think more experienced people can give you better advice and build a good team with what you have (and even see with you which character you like to build someting around those)
But for what it worth here some thought:

You already raised Utage so I assume you like her
It is 100% worth IMO. Her skill maker her kinda versatile in a sense she can deal really good Art Damage with her S2, or plain Physical Damage without it.
Her talent make her a gatling gun when you manage to make good use of her (=manage to deploy her where it is needed and avoid her to be killed while staying on the death line of low hp) and while she won’t be able to solo a full wave (especially at E1) you can still redeploy her after a while, especially on CC where maps are long.
Plus she is a 4* so she is cheap to upgrade. Really worth IMO.

I would always advocate for Silence as a healer but since you didn’t raise her and you have Shining at lvl40 I would say try to raise Shining a bit.
I know the last level (60+) are a pain, so maybe raise her to 60 for now (and if you have time after all the other advice here, maybe try to E2 her) but most importantly Raiser her skill.
I don’t know if you did it/saw it, but you put her S2 as your main skill, and this one goes from “shield that last 2seconds […] Can hold 1 charges” to “shield that last 3seconds […] Can hold 2 charges” at level 7. So try at least to raiser her skill to level 7.

Try to raise one of the other healer, at least Perfurmer, so you would have an AoE heal and more importantly 2 healer that you can deploy.
That would give you a bit of versatility and survivability to compensate the lack of level of certain unit.
(Here again, whoever you choose, try to raise her skill to level 7, so you feel a bigger “burst” of heal when you use the skill)

I would suggest then to raise Mousse, since you already maxed her E0 level, so you would have another Art Damage dps. She is quite good IMO.
And/Or Amiya so you would have a good Single Target Mage, plus beeing the center of the story, you will have free Potential Token given to you later on.

That would be all for me, I will let other people more familiar with team building give you better advice, but that’s how I personnaly would see “easy-to-raise” things to go.


Someone posted a 3 star clear on another thread in this forum. Spoilers, obviously, but you’re new so who cares? Be advised that it’s a week 2 run, which means you’ll get all the rewards that you can get from the store but not a fancy shiny medal (which you get by achieving risk 18 during the first week). If you’re truly desperate to get your hands on it, mess around with the risk board and see if you can get in that clear.

If you just want the skins and welfare ops, just play the game as you would normally. Invest in Mudrock because she can hold lanes in a lot of daily stages, which gives you a lot of leg room in terms of squad space. Don’t be too worried about not getting max risk every day, just do what you can and you’ll get a good amount of the stuff. Since you’re just starting out there’s a lot more loot in there for you than there is for everyone else, which means you’re definitely not going to be able to get everything. That’s okay. Remember that you’ll eventually get them as more and more CC’s get rolled out.

If you want to get as much CC currency as you can so you get as much from the store as possible, raise the units that you see in the guide. You can replace a healer with your Shining and Mudrock with Popukar [citation needed], but I would advise against replacing Gummy with Spot. With what you currently have, you definitely have enough time to raise those units. Look up video guides on how to do the daily stages. KyoStinV on YouTube is a fan favorite.

If you want to get the shiny medal, find a friend who has a maxed out Surtr. In fact, find lots of friends who have overpowered operators so you can cheese through the daily stages, too. Use the strategy in the video, but use Surtr in place of Melantha. Destroy. Pilfer. Win.

Good luck on CC#3.

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Thanks i’ll try labbing some operators that you reccomend to see what they can do, i’ll try out the Daily Map i guess for now (for the longest time i thought that it was unavailable to do since it was greyscaled like the maria nearl event page after the events ends)

thanks for the input !! tbh i don’t really like watching stage guide so i will try it by my own when it drops, i just want to be sure that even a complete newbie can clear it

also i’m sorry to ask again

That’s okay. Remember that you’ll eventually get them as more and more CC’s get rolled out.

you’ll get all the rewards that you can get from the store but not a fancy shiny medal (which you get by achieving risk 18 during the first week).

regarding these just how many CC event will we get each year ?
and if we can get everything by achieving risk 18 is there any point in clearing all the daily map ?
also is there any significance in getting the medals or is it just a bragging rights ?

well thanks again for replying :)

About 4 every year I think? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. We don’t have a lot of information to go off of since we only know of 6 CC’s, but given that CC#0 dropped in September last year and CC#3 is (confusingly) the fourth one, that seems to average out at 4 per year.

And yes, medals don’t have any function besides bragging rights. You don’t need to have risk 18 done by week 1, but you probably want to get it done during week 2 because there are currency rewards. At your stage it will be very, very difficult to do it without a guide. You’ll probably be fine for daily stages but since you’re new I get the feeling that you won’t know how to approach the perma map.

I think I was a bit vague about the way the CC shop works, sorry about that. New skins or operators are rolled out every CC, but old skins and operators stay there forever. Therefore, the cumulative cost of the shop increases with each successive CC. Both the perma map and the daily stages award currency that you can spend in the shop, but it won’t be enough to buy everything. There is a finite amount of currency that you are able to get, and that finite amount is smaller than you think. Spend wisely.


You’re welcome and good luck on your run, keep in mind it will be normal to struggle at first, I would advice to try various team comp without risk at first to see what works and what doesn’t work, then you can add risk progressively and try to climb the further possible

Regarding the number of CC per year, as OverlyAsian said, it’s about 4 a year.
It’s a bit hard to say for sure since the game is 1 year and half in Global and just hit 2 in CN , but for now we can say it’s about 1 each season (real season of the real world I mean).

Also I didn’t mentionned this I forgot, sorry, but here an advice that legit helped me when I started the game:
It’s more about Variety than Big Buddy.
You will be better off having a large amount of, say, Elite 1 Lvl 60 operator, touching a wide range of role and archetype (even inside their class, for example your beloved E2 May won’t do the same purpose than the sniper named Meteor, who debuff the deffense of an enemy) rather than having one or two 6* E2Lvl80
A super soldier, as strong as he/she can be, would almost never be able to clear a CC map fully alone.

So while it’s good to have E2 operator and leveling 6* , keep in mind you will have a better time if you try to aim for variety of operator that will help you adapt to each situation, rather than focusing one unit alone.

Don’t pressure yourself into the leveling process tho’, again you’re new and it’s normal to struggle at first.
And remember to have fun.


CC#3 is actually the fifth CC event.
CC (Jun 2020), CC#0 (Sep 2020), CC#1 (Nov 2020), CC#2 (Feb 2021), CC#3 (May 2021).
But yeah they seem to be 3 months apart now, so it will be 4 a year if they keep that schedule.


Hmm. Hate that. makes no sense. Thanks for informing me tho, I only started in August so I didn’t know about CC, lol.


An easier explanation is to be seen when you can view the cc home page and such. But there good news reasonably level up what you can shining is the best single target healer in game plus offered a nice Def boost to all in her range. Courier and myrtle or Elysium are great Vanguards, I’m currently loving mudrock with skill2 she’s good for just deploying alone in a solo corner of the map. If you plan to use a lot of 3 star units which is a good early game strategy to fill most of your team I’d highly recommend powering up Dobermann she gives a bonus range square compared to normal non ranged guards and boosts all 3 stars a bit. Also get good in game friends with high level end game units you can borrow if you need more. ( I can always add you if you’d like to borrow a high level silverash or thorns at skill3mastery3 )

Regardless of how far you or many units you power up your in luck CC is very create your own map. The new season will introduce a new permanent map for the entire length of the event. Try it without any restrictions or contracts first. Then pick and choose which ones you think you can handle. Try to get the highest risk total you can where you can still beat the map. You can practice this on the rotating practice maps and all of this costs zero sanity. So feel free to take your time and play trial and error.

The max risk rank for a permanent map that can get you any type of reward is risk 18 (but it’s possible to make over risk 30 usually but you get nothing but bragging rights after 18.) and daily stages stop giving rewards at risk lvl 8. As for the rewards shop the really good stuff will be in the permanent shop which means it will be available anytime in future CC events as well. The limited time shop will hold mostly high level materials at cheap prices.

The only other thing is medals and that’s vanity based too so get what you can but the only thing it truly offers Is a badge to show off on your profile card.

CC can be very intense or hard but it can also be very laid back because you can go at your own pace so remember to have fun.

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ah thanks i’ve tried the daily map as dafty reccomend me to, its honestly mindbreakingly hard for me currently since i can’t even clear 4 risk without friend’s support tho i must say its pretty damn fun to think on how to clear the stage

Don’t worry it’s normal to see those as mindbreaking , especially the dayli (not that they are different than Perma, but due to their lower variety of Contract, it is harder to find a way to climb the Risk)
Plus if I remember correctly Risk 4 is egual to rank A , if so that’s really good man, that’s basically the rank I used to have during my first CC, so you’re not bad, cheer up.

Also there is absolutely no shame in using Friend’s Support, they are here for that, I mean if there is ONE instance when everyone should use Support Unit, it is durring CC.

Glad to see you’re having fun, that will help you prepare yourself for when the real CC is released. :)

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It does go up to rank SSS on CC stage maps though lol and S rank is risk 8.

But all is not lost as previously mentioned there is a variety of contracts for the CC season map and a few extras that show up halfway through to give even more variety (although if your aiming for the shiny version of the medal for the CC event then you need to beat risk 18 before week 1 ends.)

If your not against using things like YouTube tutorial videos for strategies and party ideas. There are a bunch of them out there for even low rarity or low level squads to clear even the highest risk levels. So never listen to people who say arknights is pay to win as every stage and event released so far I’ve seen low rarity or low level squad clears. (Some are just impressive too like HOW can a team of almost exclusively 3 stars beat a final boss?!)

Oh I almost forgot last time to look for synergy between units that buff one another for example mudrock can’t be healed by healers but perfumers talent of passive healing to the entire map of allies doesn’t count so mudrock can be given a slight regeneration of health bonus from her being on the field.

Another is myrtle and as many Vanguard as you wish. She will heal that entire class as long as she is deployed. Even without using her second skill.

Elysium is similar to myrtle but instead of buffing Vanguards he buffs snipers while still offering massive dp gain (and a second skill that can give you dp, boost snipers power, lower sniper cost, and debuff enemies defense and slow their movement oh and also remove camouflage effects on any enemies in range.

Gravel is a fast redeploy often used as a meat shield essentially she’s usually played just to die repeatedly and eat high damage attacks for units that actually matter lol. But if you E2 her she also adds a nice defense boost to all units with 10 or less DP cost. (Even more useful of your using a low rarity squad)

And finally Doberman gives a nice boost to all 3 star units naturally and even bigger of a boost if you choose to use her 2nd skill.

Theres tons of others but That’s all I got for today class dismissed lol