CCC SE.RA.PH Tier List Change Log

We’ve updated the Tier List!

Not only does it contains our thoughts on the Servants that are about to be released, it also contains our thoughts on the 2 new classes.

While it should come as no surprise that we are a bit iffy on the whole Alter Ego concept, specialization is a premium in a game where we can select our Servants for each situation, they are nonetheless not bad at all. Passionlip probably comes out the best, even if Melt’s kit works best as a singular entity, simply due to how well she works right now in our Buster-slanted environment and how few Buster options there are to deal with Assassin and Rider opponents. Or that’s my interpretation of our discussions anyway.

We have some plans for more grand changes in the tier list. We are thinking of implementing an arrow system where we can indicate who we believe will fall in Tier in the future, or vice versa. A green arrow would denote movements upwards - Servants such as MHXA and Kiara (and Jeanne of course!) are excellent examples of Servants we know are weak right now, but strong in the future. Anyway, that’s not in yet - or even if we are going to do that. Let us know what you think about that system, and about the placements of our new Servants.

Kiara came very close to a Tier 5 placement.


Yes to arrows indicating future placements.

Too bad about Kiara. I plan to 10/10/10 her as soon as I can (only have 5 saber gems :sob:). It looks like she really needs to be paired with Tamamo + Waver and be np2+ and 10/10/10 to be a viable candidate right now. I have her np2 and unbuffed on JP right now and she’s still a little underwhelming.

I must agree on the whole Lip > Melt thing, simply because of the current state of the support Meta. Melt does have a more streamlined skillset, but Merlin’s Buster support is just that strong.
Once Skadi comes along though, Melt’s definitely going to outpace Lip as the better Alter Ego with her skillset, but until then Melt is definitely Tier 3 in my opinion.

It’s actually crazy just how well Passionlip potentially synergizes with Merlin (like Musashi). NP regen, more stars, her NP makes stars (and super-boosted by Illusion), she lacks hard durability which Merlin can provide, she lacks sheer damage…which Merlin definitely provides, her base star weight is decent enough, and she can protect Merlin from evil Riders and Berserkers.

I feel she is definitely a Servant who rises and falls with the Buster meta, and her situational use is a lot less problematic if we also consider 4* Servants are a lot less resource-intensive and easier to NP upgrade.

For me, the whole thing with passionlip is that she seems difficult to use with all her skills slated to tanking with defense and taunt. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with how she is as the best servant from the CCC gacha. It’s just that I usually play more offensively minded than I do defensively minded…

Also I planned to go all in for kiara, even while knowing her lackluster start to her time in fgo, but what do you see her as once she starts getting her buffs from rank up quests tierwise? Like as a guesstimate.

The thing about Lip is that with Merlin around, any ABBBQ Gorilla is capable of becoming a monster regardless of any offensive skills, and Lip does have offensive skills in her kit.
As for Kiara’s new tier once all of her Strengthening rolls around… Tier 2, I believe. With the utility of her skills, that NP battery, and her potential for NP loops, once she gets the ball rolling there’ll be very little that can stop her.
However, she’ll still need that bit of support to actually get to that point, so she won’t be Tier 1 anytime soon even with her Strengthenings.

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I would definitely be a fan of the arrows indicating likely future tier changes. I don’t really pay attention to the Japanese server and am still new enough to be learning a lot about the servants that I don’t routinely use, so it would be a great tool for planning a bit further ahead.

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The odd thing is that you can extract a lot of offense even just from a single steroid just due to having a Buster NP in this period of time. Naturally once other card types get access to such immense buffs as Merlin has they catch up (which is why Passionlip needed that upgrade), and other Servants become accessible as well who can do her job. Buff synergy is a pretty big deal in overall power.

Kiara? I’ve never been a fan, which is why my rolls for Yagyu (a single 10 roll) gave me Kiara instead on JP. But I am not looking at her skills or cooldowns actually. For me, she’s actually one of the few possible Arts farmers - I find that really important in the grand scheme of things. But I leave her assessment to my colleagues who know her far better. One of the advantages of having a few colleagues is that they can cover the practice on aspects you only have theoretical knowledge of.

But ask me about Agartha Servants and I can tell you everything you need to know! hah!

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