CD Moves vs Return

hi I don know, whether this topic exist, but I wanna ask:

Purified pokemon such as Turtwig had CD Frenzy plant, has anyone tried:

  1. purify Grotle, buy second Charge move and evolve to Torterra to get Frenzy Plant

  2. purify Grotle, use ChTM to get rid of return and evolve to get Torterra with Frenzy Plant

P.S. I really bad wanna see Charizard, Venusaur and Metagross CD in December.

Both should work according to the mechanics. I mean, get their CD moves.

CD moves override return. You don’t need to buy a 2nd move or use a charged TM


I believe you cannot get Frenzy Plant now even if the turtwig was captured during community day hours. you would have to wait till December for it. also, CD move overrides Return, I did it twice during turtwig CD days with a purified 93 and purified 98 torterras.
We still don’t know if they will provide a chance for 2018 CD mons to be evolved and get their CD moves. hopefully they give us at least one day to do so. like a Saturday 2018 CD mons and Sunday 2019 CD mons. However, as much as I want a 2018 CD chance because I started playing this year I believe this possibility is highly unlikely.

As said before, CD moves override return. You can’t have both.
That been said you have two options:

A) Evolve the mon during CD window to get the CD move (frenzy plant on torterra following your example)

B) wait until the end of the day to evolve, that way you’ll get return.
There is another chance (i didn’t try it but I believe it has to work) when you evolve the shadow mon, then purify it. As shadow mons can’t get CD moves, and already evolved mons follows the same rule, torterra should get return.

I think it’s fairly likely, as players who started playing the game this year have zero access to the CD moves from last year. They might not have as many spawns of 2018 CD pokemon as 2019 pokemon (or perhaps even no more spawns than baseline), but I suspect they will open the CD vaults for evolves during the event.

Things like Smack Down TTar and Meteor Mash Metagross are too important in the meta to completely shut new players out from them. And we didn’t know the details about PvP when we did the ones last year, so now we can optimize for that. Seriously, how many people got Frenzy Plant on a 0/15/15 Venusaur? I suspect the number is vanishingly small.

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Suppose one bought a second move before evolving? Could one end up with, say, Umbreon with Dark Pulse and Last Resort, or Torterra with Frenzy Plant and Return?

I tested this out for science last month by unlocking a second move on a purified Turtwig before evolving it on its respective community day. The result was a purified Torterra that learned Frenzy Plant and Earthquake.

I also did similar tests with other Mons such as Beldum with a second move and a purified Ralts with a second move. It seems that both Return and CD exclusive moves are both programmed to always take up the first charge move slot and never the second slot if it is available. As such, unless parameters change, it isn’t possible to get a Mon with Return and its community day exclusive move as the exclusive move takes priority over Return.


No, at least now. Return and CD moves are proggramed to take the first slot on charge moves, that’s why return and frenzy plant is not possible (I tried myself during turtwig CD)
Your torterra will be either return or frenzy plant + earthquake, or SB, or SE.
The umbreon you’re talking about is possible but only if is: Last Resort and Dark Pulse (not been purist, in this case order matters). What you can’t have is a double legacy umbreon (LR and Return)

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Not to be pessimistic here, but today we don’t know if there will be a rerun for 2019 mons any more than we know for 2018 mons. It’s highly likely of course, I’m sure it will happen, but nothing has been confirmed yet. You never know what Niantic is capable of.

You realize that this is equivalent to saying “Ignore what I said just before this”.

Yes, there has been no official notice of what December’s CD (or hopefully C-Weekend) will be. But it seems almost certain that there will be some sort of reprisal of all the CDs for the year, and highly likely that last year’s CDs will be folded into the event somehow. What we don’t know is the exact details of how it will shake out. Could be 2018 on Sat, 2019 on Sunday, could be all 2019 CD pokemon will occur more frequently in the wild, but both 2018 and 2019 CD moves are unlocked, etc. Or, they could do something completely different.

What we are all almost certain will happen is that players who started in 2019 (and by extension, everyone) will get a shot at getting the 2018 CD moves. Not sure how, not sure when, but it should happen.

Thanks. Hopefully they work on this.

One of my long term goals is to get a Bellossom with Leaf Blade and Return. That’s doable by adding a second move after final evolution (not too expensive at 50k dust [edited to correct]). Otherwise, Bellossom is pure plant, which is fine against Swampert, but not so fine against Fire and the long list of types that resist plant. But getting Return with a CD move could be useful for something like Dragonite, where the charged moves are all Dragon, or Hurricane (slow). Something fast that would hit fairies hard (as well as Steel, but return won’t do that) would be useful.

Certainly not. It’s different to say “I am sure this will happen” and “I know this will happen, it is certain”.

All of what we say about hat are assumptions. Who said there will be a distinction between 2018 and 2019 CD mons? Not Niantic. Who sait there will not be? Not Niantic. How many times we all were pretty sure something will happen and then, suddenly, Niantic was being Niantic?

All I want to say is: let’s prepare for it, but don’t count on it, or we might be disappointed.

Niantic has a well known history for not working on serious problems, let alone little problems, so I’m not very optimistic here.

Dragonite’s CD move is also dragon, and worse than Outrage. If you want Dragonite to hit fairies, you could give it it’s fast move steel wing, but I am not sure it’s a good idea overall.

Agreed. Counting on nothing, but I’m over 95% certain that a bulk CD will happen, and 80% sure that it will include the 2018 CD pokemon.

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Good point. So Outrage/Return works well. Return won’t be a world beater, but it would give Dragonite a charged move that’s pretty fast and can hit Fairies better than the dragon moves. Hurricane would be better, except it takes a long time to charge up; by the time it’s ready to fire, Charm has cleaned Dragonite’s clock. And yes, Steel wing isn’t a great option except for countering Fairies - it makes Dragonite a lot worse against everyone else.

Of course, it would be way, way too much to ask for to try and get Dragonite with Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw/Return, but it would be really good.

Maybe Sceptile would be a good example, although Leaf Blade is faster than Frenzy Plant. Hmmm, dunno.

Now we do. All CD moves open 9 AM Sat to 9 PM Sun. Great news.

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Thanks Arceus for it! I was looking for this post to comment on it and I already have multiple Lartivars/pupitars,Beldums and other starters to evolve for it.

If I read the announcement correctly, your unlikely wish was granted.

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