CE Art Replacing Servant Card Art: Which One, and for Whom?

So, having browsed through the Ugly Whyfoo Thread, a thought occurred to me:

While there is undeniably great fanart–as evidenced by the numerous character and roll threads here–out there, I do not think anyone would disagree that we also have marvelous art for CEs in-game as well. Sadly, unless the effects are amazing for a 2K Atk CE, if a CE is anything but, outside of their respective events, many CEs simply never see the light of day again. In a world of unlimited resources, having sprites change so that it would correspond to a CE depiction would be a thing; alas, we are not in such a world.

My question is this: If DW would implement an option that’d allow you to switch out your Servants’ Card Art with any CE featuring the same, whose would you change, and which in-game CE would you pick instead?

Since the CE Art are already part of the game’s resources, I presume it would not take DW much to implement. In my mind, this would not only showcase the work DW and its affiliated artists have put in the game but also grant players with more expression and individuality along with the bonus of having more display variability on Friend Support Lists (list of same-y Skadi on Caster, looking at you! :fgo_badciv: ).

For instance, I would, in a heartbeat, switch Scheherazade’s current art with an upcoming CE in Christmas 2023:

Postscript: Is there any way to make this suggestion to FGO JP, however slim the chances are of being heard?


I’d swap Nightingales for trick or treatment in a heartbeat :fgo_buster:


This one? Excellent choice, sir. :fgo_ereshmentarymydear: (On another note: I only just noticed that Phantom and Gilles Caster are in there…)



No but Schez needs a makeover, stat


That CE is a good start, ngl


I like how calm Night is in her FA actually :fgo_nightingalethrow:


I’ve got a few choices at the top of my head

I scratched out the babies don’t worry, and I know they’re all summer arts but these characters don’t exactly get a lot of art

Besides that, I really like the coloration on boudica’s hair, it beats the ragu color she normally has, and the design is still close enough to her original so it still looks like her

Jing ke’s beats her original design since it’s just…not good.

And pretty much any cleo CE is better than her design imo, I just don’t fw the art style, this is just the only cleo CE I know I have


I second you on Cleo and Jing Ke choices. I actually have no issues with Cleo’s Servant Art in particular, but Seaside Luxury is great nonetheless. I just need to actually have her answer my summons… Amazoness event hopeful. :x



Looks intimidating but also really hot cool.

Also when it comes to characterization she could use… Anything really, and the Journey to the West event at least gave her, as Ox King, some fun interactions for once.


Oh Arcade ; why must you forsake me with this inaccessible beauty?

As well as those 2 :

Arcade has the best goddamn costumes and it irritates me to no end. :fgo_badciv:


I prefer this ce with Paris than his FA art. He seems happier


This CE is the cutest


:o What CE is that from? I agree that I much prefer this one!

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Colour Me True | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom Color Me True from the Imaginary Scramble event

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! If that is Artemis in the background, for once she isn’t drawn with exaggerated knockers (which increases her appeal in my eyes)…


The Festive Dress / Travelling Outfit CEs would generally be my go-to for most Servants, but those are too ‘easy’ haha Still… happy sigh:

I’m not a Jeanne fan, but if I had her, I may just replace her with this :fgo_gudako:


Definitely George’s. Like look at this:


It looks nothing like:


He should just get a photographer costume at this point

Kinda a missed opportunity with Summer 6 since it was basically the safari and Pokémon references

Could have been Todd


I was very happy when Summer 6 opened up costume opportunities for bronzies. Now we just gotta wait for DW to implement more costumes for the bronzies.


Photographer George as Costume for Mega Xmas rerun that will also give me Santa Karna Coins…I swear I’m not on copium these days


Pokémon Snap just rereleased too smh my head

Missed opportunity, DW