CE Luck - best use

Hey everyone! So while farming the event I guess I got pretty lucky, as I got 2 extra Golden Sumo copies from the gold currency node. My MLB copy aside, is a non-MLB Golden Sumo still considered a high-quality CE/would it be worth putting on my support? And are there other CEs you’d recommend over a non-MLB copy?

No, feed it to another CE or burn it, you’ll never use it over other options. Aerial Drive and Holy Night Supper from 3rd Halloween event and 2nd Christmas rerun, respectively, are more than enough for your MLB CEs that offer 50% starting NP gauge + useful secondary effects.


Agreed. There are quite a few event CE’s with 50% np and an effect that there is no reason to settle for the non mlb copy of sumo. In fact, on other account didn’t have time to farm to get sumo mlb and just left the copies in archive until the rerun.

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Makes sense - since I don’t have Holy Night Supper or some of the other previous event CEs since I hadn’t started playing yet I wanted to gauge its usefulness. Who knows maybe I’ll get 3 more before the event ends haha thanks!