Celica Boon

Well simple question: Whats the best boon for Celica in your opinion?
I do have like 5 of her with one Atk Boon and Spd Boon. I have been holding onto her in case i need Distant Defense on someone, but since we´re getting DD now frrom SP!Leo I thought why not merge her :slight_smile:
So my trained up Celica atm is one with +atk (-hp since she isn´t merged yet), and that has been working well for me,but … yeah I don´t know so I´m asking for your opinions :slight_smile:

Also we don´t have enough polls so here you go^^

  • +Atk
  • +Spd

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Also if you´ve got the time, you could tell me why you chose that Boon :grimacing:

She already reaches 45 spd on her own with both weapon effects, at that point I’d go with an A skill that boosts both atk and spd (Fury, L&D, Swift Sparrow)

And then go with atk. If you want her to do stuff against blue foes, that’s the way to go.

Even if she were unmerged, +spd would go into overkill levels of speed, +atk makes her more reliably kill everything.

I also say +Atk for said reasons. +spd is overkill with her weapon refine and +atk helps to kill blue tanks. Celica… she’s one of my favourite units.

And I was once like you, I kept three copies of her because I didn’t know if I want to merge her and which one…
I had +atk -spd and -atk +spd and a -hp +res.
I didn’t want her to have a bane in neither atk nor spd and si I made the worst decision in my Feh life and chose the -hp +res one cause I thought with her weapon less hp might even come handy.

And then a few months later, merged units lost their banes… I feel so sorry for my poor little Celica. She could be perfect and I ■■■■■■ up. :disappointed_relieved:

I´m feeling you man :persevere: thats really harsh. you can always hope for another one at least :slight_smile:

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Yeah next time I see her, I’m trying to ger her.

F for Ceilca.

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F :slight_smile:

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