Celica x Berkut (don't tell Alm and Rinea)

Presenting the best pair:

While this might seem like a bad relationship, Celica really appreciates being punched in the face by Berkut. Trust me.
Simpy have Berkut tank a hit near Celica and Celica is ready to go with triple brazen atk/spd(on top of her regular +5 atk/spd from her weapon) and desperation, no other setups needed.
Berkut is a amazing tank especially for a horse unit, distant counter and null followup vs ranged is a great personal weapon. Combining it with distant def 4, quick reposte and mirror stance seal makes him able to handle most ranged units and he is even able to deal out quite some damage.
Green melee units, or powerfull melee units can be a issue for Berkut but Celica can blow those up quite easily.

Berkut’s great min/max stats also make a a great candidate for spd tactic, while Celica can hold def Tactic.
Reyson makes a great counselor for the couple carrying Atk tactic and res tactic to makes things work.

Being a green flier fits the team nicely, having extra movement is great for positioning and sing. Because both tactic skills and his weapons heal passive(which isn’t enough heal to push Celica out of the range of her skills, no worries there) have range 2 its possible to stay transformed often.
It also leaves you with a free slot to put a unit of any movement type, without messing up tactic skills.


Dont tell alm?

I’m telling faye


Well, Rinea is right there with Berkut, so it’s a trio more than a couple :eyes:



Fallen Berkut also works especially well with OG Lyn, double brazen (a+seal), wrath(b) desperation&brash assault(weapon) insta active, but unfortunately it’s also a red unit like celica, just range 1.


i thought this’d be a fanfic or something and now I’m a bit disappointed

but yeah that makes sense


I’m sorry to dissapoint xD



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It’s a great combination of units :feh_nini:
I am a little curious about why you thought Distant Def 4 was worth it over Warding Stance 4. Is it to deal with archers? Or is it the Dull Ranged effect? How does Berkut do without the Guard effect :thinking:

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Truth is, Berkut was hungry for blood so he ate Caineghis.
Seriously tho, it kinda depends on the map/pvp/pve content if you prefer warding4 or distant def4.
distant def helps your non magic matchups and guard helps vs those units that like abusing special.
Distant def4 felt a bit better most of the time, but if you put DD4 in A, guard in B and use QR as seal you might have the best set.
I just have QR seal on another unit at the moment and mirror stance2 seal also works well with Berkut.