Cell Batlle-30 LV 2000 team build help


Can some one help me build a team to beat cell this all the characters i got

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you should use kamiccolo, who inflicts +50% blast to androids, he is blue, when he enters the battlefield the androids will take more 35% blast damage and with his main ability he gains another +50% blast attack, maybe with slug

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Hey thanks for the help

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Maybe You can use - SP Lord Slug (Blue), SP Piccolo (Fused with Kami) (Blue) , SP Krillin (Blue) as core
Bench - Piccolo (Fused with Nail) [Tag Regeneration would boost and Super Warrior With Krillin] , EX - Tien (Yel) [Super Warrior Tag Boost] , EX - Krillin (Red) [Again Super Warrior Boost]