Ceobe or Bagpipe?

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So, i saved up quite alot of orundum to get maybe 50 pulls, and the upcoming big event is story of afternoon (Ceobe) and CC #0 (Bagpipe) .I want to widen up my rosters of Operators, so i was confused about who i should pull cause vanguard i already have Siege and myrtle, and Caster i have Eyja.
So, from the usefulness, who is more needed ??

No expert myself but I know ceobe doesn’t really hard replace eyja whereas bagpipe enables some quick play shenanigans with myrtle. You don’t need either with the mentioned ops in your roster but I’d advise bagpipe,for early play enabling to go with the boost in dps.

Well, ceobe and eyja focuses on different things. For single target, ceobe’s dps is the highest and her talent allows her to shred high def enemies easily. On the other hand, eyja can deal out massive aoe damage (s3) and decrease enemy’s res (s2). So they cannot completely replace each other…

Bagpipe’s talent gives 6-8 sp to other vanguards without the need to be deployed so vanguards like myrtle will only need about 3 (?) seconds to activate skill 1. So by having bagpipe, it will be easier to choose the -75% dp regen in cc. Not only that, bagpipe’s damage is also high for vanguards so she’s not losing in dps either.

Both are good operators in their own roles. So if you think you need a good arts damage dealer, choose ceobe but otherwise i would recommend bagpipe.

Bagpipe is a game changer, her talent combined with flagbearer vanguards (myrtle and elysium) is really broken, at pot5 Myrtle’s skill can be popped after 1 second. Her skills ain’t that bad either and can be used as a helidrop duelist guard with S3 which increases her atk and def by 120%, block count by one and hit three times each attack. High risk CC clears especially the third one has Bagpipe on most of the teams.

Like the other comment said Ceobe and Eyja are really different, Ceobe is the queen for single target arts damage. Her voicelines are also good. :dog: Unlike Bagpipe though not having Ceobe is fine especially you own Eyja.

Goodluck in your draws and may you get the operator you want. :+1:

Ceobe is for CC too, with her talent:
When attacking, deal additional Arts damage equal to 44%(+4%) of the enemy’s Defense.”(Avengers +100% def and Res D don’t have a chance.)

Is Sealed a better version of silenced able to counter Frostnova skill?

Bagbipe +6-8 initial sp for vanguards and skill 2?
I will absolutely pull for her.

If you want Meta, Bagpipe > Ceobe by a large margin.

Ceobe is a Single target specialist, Eyja is more aoe oriented ST. Depends on whether you need another ST mage.

Bagpipe enables some strats for future CC and makes them easier due to E2 talent. (+6/8 initial SP to fast track DP generation for other Vg). Her damage potential is no joke either.

I already have Eyjafjalla too and I heard that Ceobe is a downgraded version of her. So if I have to choose I would go with Bagpipe, since her playstyle is special. But at the end of the day, go with who you like the most :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, my gut tells me to go for bagpipe.And thanks y’all for your advice i just gonna pull for guarantee on Ceobe banner then wait for Bagpipe…:pray:

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Goddamn they cleared risk 31 with Ceobe and Bagpipe!

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