Ce's for izo

should I go with royal Icing or painting summer? for izo?
and if there’s one that you think that works better than these 2, what ce is it?

Usually when i use izo, i used art of death CE since izou is specialized when fighting human. Other one i used is royal icing


I usually use another ending for art up & crit up. That or royal icing. :cat:


Really depends on what you’re going for and what the team is, if any.

Crits? Another Ending.
NP spam? Royal Icing or Dive to Blue both work well.
Anti-Humanoid Niche maximization? Art of Death. (Not my personal choice though if you have the above MLBd)

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if you’re willing to go in on the gacha, the upcoming new years ce is super good, but unless it’s MLB it won’t outperform royal icing.

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Try to go for pure attack CE’s and not split stat ones. Dive to blue is good but it’s not game changing in any way. Izo would benefit greatly from Royal Icing. Especially if you are supporting him with other arts servants like Tamamo with bond CE, Casgil 2030, Paracelsus bond CE. As well as Lanling.

Another Ending is another solid choice for CE. If you have New beginnings MLB that can be viable however it’s split stat.

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Do you have CKT or MLB CKT?

How about Projection (MLB if you can)

Sakamoto Detective agency (MLB if possible)

How about marry sheep from the recent Halloween event?

As always for arts: Formal craft.

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Royal Icing and Art of Death are the two I use for him. He’s here to kill humanoids and he charges his own NP gauge very quickly, so starting NP isn’t a big deal.