Chacha or Paul Bunyan?

So I was too lazy to level up either Chacha or Paul Bunyan. I was wondering who’s the better servant overall that I should level up first? Is Chacha stronger than Bunyan? Does Bunyan have more survivability than Chacha? Thanks

Paul is more of a support zerker. Yes she has a heal, but with 1* stats it doesn’t amount to much protection. I do have her leveled but haven’t utilized her much yet.

I use chacha as a w3 clearer np on dailies with her per turn battery for setups without waver. Unfortunately her np isn’t super strong, especially without her own buffs except for the single enemy def down. She did great in a F2P team on that nerofest node that ended with Holmes and Helena archer. With def down and 1 buster she took out the ruler and let the lancers mob Helena.

I use Bunyan pretty extensively and frankly I consider her to be a Tier 1 servant in her rarity bracket. All of her skills are excellent, even the heal in my opinion, and she is incredibly cheap to raise. Her only problem is her low base damage and health by virtue of being a 1*, and grails go a long way towards helping her out. Her buffs and NP are great for farming, too.

Similarly, Chacha is a low damage Berserker in her rarity but she has a charge and thus is also well suited for farming. She also has more health than Bunyan so I suppose you could say she has more survivability, but both are low health Berserkers so a crit or two really isn’t going to differ much.

I believe Bunyan to be a better servant than her by virtue of her support, but both are good, have their merits, and have applications in farming.


Bunyan is great for clearing a wave herself while buffing the damage of your other AoE DPS for that beefy 2nd or 3rd wave. That’s what sets her apart from the other budget AoE zerkers and she does it well.

Chacha’s kit is all over the place and doesn’t really do anything well aside from “clunky and inferior battery if for some reason you really don’t wanna use Spartacus”. Her NP damage scales slightly better with buffs than his but is inferior by baseline, and we’re talking 1* vs 4* here, that’s how potato Chacha is, honestly.


The fact that Chacha’s np takes forever to finish. Go level Bunyan. You won’t regret it.

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Bunyan, low mana cost, NP5, can clear a wave in two seconds (fast NP), AoE buster up, AoE def down and cheap to raise.

A while back, I posted a similar topic. Maybe some of the answers there can help.

As someone who grailed Chacha to 90, I usually use her as a support Berserker. Since her 2nd skill gives stars I usually put her on a team with either Hans (+stars gaining CE) or Mozart (+Bond CE ) to support the main DPS. And her 3rd skill can be useful in a prolong battle, usually on 3rd wave. Plus, as someone who’s a F2P I sometimes use both Chacha and Mozart’s Bond CE as a poorman’s Black Grail, since I never rolled.

Oh, and her Bond CE’s description made me emotional a bit.

Not to say Chacha is better than Paul, but as someone who max bond Chacha really early on I just want to share my thoughts.


the one I grailed to 90

Well, the 4* does more dmg than the 1*, in either normal hits or NP.

But Bunyan has excellent support skills for her rarity. /she dies fast, but you can take advantage of that; buff everyone with her skills, have taunt CE, let her die, and give space to some other unit. And/or just Kaleidoscope+Helena/Merlin/Shakespeare/Osakabe/Mash/Waver/Magic Association Code to get rid of a wave 1 or 2 of mixed classes.

Chacha only truly is good for 3 turns farming of wave 3 with her charge over time skill maxed, in case you dont want to use/borrow Waver (let’s say, lots of Riders). But you better buff her somehow if the node is not low level. Low Madness Enhancement plus no buffs means most freebie zercks have better NP damage.

I used Chacha for farming back when I didn’t have any other AoE berserkers. Her NP gets tiring after awhile, and I literally go out the room to do something else while it’s going on :joy:. Plus her NP damage isn’t that impressive.
I use Bunyan now, especially to clear W2 dailies. Fast NP, less high-pitched screaming, and awesome (mega cute) character. It’s easy to just pair her with a Waver/Merlin and K-Scope for NP charge and damage buffs.

Chacha with full audio volume to annoy your family and friends while you farm your dailies quickly and efficiently.



Exactly my thoughts. That NP length is ridiculously long. :weary:

That too!

They’re both farmers but Bunyan has a really fast NP. I personally prefer Chacha because her battery (although it isn’t a very good one) makes her better than Bunyan. And of course she’s a welfare so she gets free ascension mats so that’s another major plus for Chacha

Why not use them both?

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Bunyan is a welfare too, you have to pay for her ascension it’s true but she’s 1* so they’re kinda cheap.

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If you’re looking at investing at either from baseline, Bunyan over Chacha always. Especially if you have a kaleidoscope or MLB imaginary element. Bunyan has a better skillset, team support, very cheap to level skills with great returns, and easier wave clears. I think the only real difference separating them is that Chacha has a (bad) battery, but at that point I would rather field Spartacus and have some more CE flexibility for the rest of my team.

Bunyan’s 1* level cap does frustratingly hinder her damage, and I’m very tempted to give her a grail to compensate for it. I recently grailed Arash and have seen a noticeable QoL improvement, so I’ll update this post if I decide to boost her.

Eventually, yeah, but I’ve been using my B10 Spartacus for exactly the same stuff she’d be used for. Chacha is obnoxiously expensive relative to what you get out of investing in her, even if you don’t like Sparty. Mine will be sitting at L40 until Counterfeit (assuming I don’t somehow get super-lucky and have to further put off investing in her??).

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To paraphrase Sir Mixalot,

“You ain’t got none unless you got Bun-yun!”

… Sorry, not sorry.