Chacha Zerker

So far Chacha has been a great farmer for me during this event with the bonus damage and bonus CE. She can pretty much 1 hit kill most enemies.

With that said, when it comes to regular farming and non event farming, she kinda seems to be ourdamage by both Fran and zerkelot. Am i just using her wrong is her damage output for a zerk near the lower end of the spectrum?

By damage i mean normal attacks as well as NP damage.

Considering her ATK isn’t very high at base and she has no real steroid, it makes sense. The basically free NP5 doesn’t do many favors unfortunately.

Ungrailed np5 Kiyohime can compete with her on damage with enough levels in the buster buff skill, which is kinda sad considering Chacha’s 10 level head start. For just aoe fire and forget type stuff, Chacha’s main advantage is not having to pay any mats for ascension, imo.

The way I see it, the reason why Chacha has meh dmg for a 4* zerker even at NP5 is because she trades away the conventional burst style for a more NP spammer type given her skill set. From my experience her BQA chain is roughly enough for her to reach ~34% NP charge which a lot of zerks usually struggle reaching even the 20%. But that’s just how I see things. I’m not sure if that was she was intended for or not

I don’t think her BQA chain can produce that much NP even with her skills active. Also to get the most NP charge from a lot of servants is to use an ABQ chain, then probably chacha can gain 32-33% NP charge. And that’s not a really good advantage when she doesn’t even have 2 arts cards to support her NP spamming niche.

She does poor damage overall. It’s normal. She’s only really useful for events where she has a bonus in(the japanese themed events) but that’s all.

Chacha NP gain


Another one would be Kiyo’s NP animation is not as long as ChaCha’s animation, so if anyone is looking for speed farming and do think every second counts, then go for Kiyo :laughing:

Yeah sorry my mistake that’s what I meant. My brain just somehow defaulted to BQA considering it maximized both NP gain and dmg. But yeah, overall I think she was meant for longer fights in teams that can keep her alive long enough since her skills are over time rather than instant. Especially for that 3rd skill of hers.

I got this result against saber with 100000 health with no skills active.



I’m talking about this
With 1st skill active and BAQE she can get around 30% NP.

I considered it without using skills, my bad.