Hello all!
I’m trying to make event maps more memorable and exciting by adding additional challenges to them.

Hope some of you can join me in trying and creating some challenges for the event maps.

Same rules as usual:

  1. CM mode

  2. Post your clears as hidden text using ‘Hide Details’

  3. Try to shrink operator numbers if possible, add class restrictions for further challenge.

Challenge 1 - OF-EX-6 - Lava beats rock - Can’t use roadblocks.
Harder - Can’t use roadblocks + lava tiles only. (Can only use squares that are affected by the spurts of the lava fountains)
Insane - Can’t use roadblocks + lava tiles only + no ranged

standard clear

Harder clear

This was a bit messy, maybe I’ll make a cleaner one with less ops later.

Insane clear

You didn’t lie, this was kind of insane.

Incredibly hard to kill the high def wraiths using only 2 melee tiles, good job Blaze.

And thanks Silverash for being the ultimate sniper bait, able to keep healing himself with S2 even while stunned. Without him the front line would fall apart.

And of course, everyone would be dead without Saria.


Nice one!
I figured Blaze, Silverash and Manticore would help a lot here.
I guess I should maybe think about raising Manticore at least

See I figured you’d have to nuke with Ch’en from the bottom lane and swing swing with Silverash to get them all.

I’m too lazy today, but I’ll give insane a go later on in the event.

I didn’t realise he could do that.

I was having to alternate between Gravel and Red, and even then it all fell apart, but that’s a better spot for sniper bait than I was using.


See I figured you’d have to nuke with Ch’en from the bottom lane and swing swing with Silverash to get them all.

Oh, I did try Ch’en in the top lane but obviously she couldn’t charge quickly enough. Letting her charge her skill in the bot lane and face up is much smarter. But putting Blaze there and forgetting about it is easier :fgo_bblaugh:

I didn’t realise he could do that.

Yep, it’s permanent health regeneration so he doesn’t have to do anything. It’s niche but it’s nice for stuff like this or the frost bomb drones.


Challenge 2 - OF-EX-5 - On the Side of Caution - Can’t use Lava tiles. - Can’t use any tiles affected by the lava fountains.
Harder - Can’t use lava tiles + can’t use Flagbeares + can’t use Bagpipe.
Insane - Can’t use lava tiles + ??? - Let’s try to see how nuts we can get with vanguard restrictions.
(1 vanguard only (flagbearer) looks possible, DP-on-kill Vanguards only might be stretching it)



Messy again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, Saria died and I didn’t have any other healers lol


The harder version was really harder :rofl:, no early dp just made the enemy overwhelm my squad faster, I should have raised more lower rarity vanguard :fgo_casgilworry:

And btw, you should make this kind of thread your own series :fgo_robinstare:, like Self-imposed Challenge #1: Music Festival for non-sanity dokutah for or something like that


This was already tight so I don’t think I’ll try single vanguard.

Challenge 2 (Siege+Fang)

Featuring @BadWolfVindici’s Thorns wrecking any annoying slug that dares enter his range :feh_flaynfire:


Challenge 3 - OF-EX-4 -No Walls - Can’t use defenders. Defender operators cannot be deployed.
Harder - Can’t use defenders + Red Cross - (Can only deploy operators on the 4 vertical and 4 horizontal white tiles )
Insane - Can’t use defenders + Red Cross + Doctors Without Borders (only Medics heal - no other ops with healing abilities allowed)

Map of Red Cross


Map of Red Cross is above - Clear is below.

Doctors Without Borders

Can’t post the standard clear as it no longer fits the criteria, and I don’t have any practise runs left (I wasted them trying to one tile (the grass tile only) OF-EX-3.

@Elyon13 welcome :slight_smile: Thanks for joining in the fun!


In the original run of this event, I remember looking up Kyo’s guide for this CM. Now I’m drawing shapes with my operators.

Borders without Doctors

Medics were too expensive and awkward so I said screw it, just let them die :ak_wshock:


Wait, doesn’t Blaze heal herself once? Is that allowed?

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And I went to all that trouble of thinking of a way you couldn’t use Blaze… :rofl:
@kuu0’s right:
– Doctors Without Borders (only Medics heal - no other ops with healing abilities allowed)

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That was a condition exclusively for Blaze huh :laughing:

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Well not exactly, the healing guards like Hellagur and Utage would make it a lot easier, Blaze just luckily enough falls into the restriction as well :)

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Ah true, I forgot about those guards. This rules out Specter as well, since she self heals as well :fgo_bbsmile:

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Lol, 2% per second, hahaha, didn’t know that, but it’s a good thing, because aoe guards can block and hit 3, which makes it easier.

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Unknowingly banning one of the best type of units :fgo_bbsmile:

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Well would be great to see someone do it with Broca or Savage :slight_smile:
Also no Thorns, Angelina, and in theory, Silverash should be banned to, as his s2 has a heal.
Also Surtr has a heal on her s3.
So this is a good restriction to remember for the future :rofl:

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I know “using Blaze”, so “not using Blaze” would be the opposite? Like, facing her backwards?
Sorry, I don’t think I understand this concept :fgo_gudako:


Challenge 4: OF-EX-3 - One shot, one kill - Operators can’t be hit by sniper fire.
Harder - One shot, one kill + What you looking at? - Snipers only (snipers are the only class able to be deployed)
Insane - Hiding in the bushes - only the grass tile may be used (all ranged units can be used, not just snipers) (Also, try this on normal mode first. Even with leaks it’s an achievement.)

What you looking at? Clear


Isn’t the last challenge pretty much impossible?