Chaldea App

I heard that the Chaldea app is really good to keep track of things and plan ahead so I decided to download it. There is a lot of sections and it looks very confusing. Does anybody have tips on how to use the app? Thank you!

Servant = the Servants you have/plan to summon. It should make sense when you open one, you put in their current Ascension/Skill/Fou amounts (on the left) and then what you want them to be at ----> on the right. I ignore the command code/bond/NP parts.

Item: When you enter servant skills, it’ll auto-calculate how many of an item you need. What you type in for the Item page is how much you have right now, and it’ll do the math. So it’ll say “Proof of Hero” and under it “Total ____” - this is how many you need in total. On the right of the screen is Left (how many you still need to farm).

Event can be skipped, probably. If you turn an event on it’ll put how many items you’ll get into the calculations for how many items you still have to farm.

Free Quest: Put in a combination of items and it’ll tell you the best place to farm, sometimes even though an item has a worse drop rate it’s still nicer overall if you need more than just that one.

Master Missions: Lets you find the cheapest nodes to get any given master mission done.

Saint Quartz: a calculator to see how much you’d have by a certain date

Buff search: Use the filter to only show CEs that buff Arts damage or whatever.

Summons: Summon simulator

Enemies: Shows enemy traits

Statistics: shows what you’ve spent in mats leveling people so far vs what you still need

Import: you can take screenshots of your roster/mats and it’ll autofill, it’s slow and you’ll have to double check things but I still think it’s faster than doing it by hand

I know there are other menus but I turned them off so I don’t know what they are/what they do. Just figure it out as you go along, worst that happens is you delete someone by mistake and have to add their skill levels back in manually.


Thank you! Do you know if there is a way to add the new “items” I progressively collect each day ? Like when farming the event if I now have that much more things, they automatically add it? I’m sorry if I don’t make any sense.

I just update it 1x a month or so, I pretty much know what I’m farming for.

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How do you sync the app up to your save data?

I find their github pages quite helpful, for example, the Servant Planning | Chaldea ( about the Servant tab.

Similar to @The_Wyandotte I also turn off many other sections, and have mostly just been using the “Servant” and the “Plan” section. They have links to the “Items” section (bottom right blue icon) so even that one is turned off for me.

One thing to note! In the top bar of the servant page, you have a “heart” icon which I think indicates the servants you actually own. Toggling this will show you only servants in your roster. This took me a while to understand :slight_smile:


What do you mean?

Thank you! I didn’t know they had a website nor about the heart option. Is there a section to plan for your servants that you plan on summoning?

There’s no particular section that I’m aware of. However, there are priority levels for each servant, and you can filter the Servant view by priority.

Priority level can be changed here:

I personally designated level 5 = wishlist.

You can then filter by priority:


Thank you very much!

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The chaldea app isnt just fgo?

I would suggest making a second plan. You can make multiple plans and I have one that includes Servants I want to roll for.


I myself have two plans set up. The first one is for skill level 6 (or in certain cases 10), the second one for skill level 9 (so basically the long term farming page from fgo manager. The prio is set as such:

  1. Servants I own or that are coming up within a month (e.g Space Ishtar)
  2. Servants I will whale for this year
  3. Servants I want this year
  4. Servants I will whale for next year
  5. Other Servants I want

There is a way to automatically sync your items with Chaldea app but it involves third party app (thus may break FGO’s ToS). The creator of Chaldea made a documentation on how to do that.


Honestly, I feel a tiny bit safer just…

Taking a screenshot and double-checking. 460 Proofs? I wish.


It’s a nice and compact app. Takes some time to getting used to, but in the end…

Having data simplified to just this and THEN being pointed to nice free quests? Comfy.


Thank you!

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Yeah, I also find this app really helpful!

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So anyone tried using this app with space ishtar yet? How does her S2 work?