Chaldea Boys collection 2023 NA banners

I am trying to get Napoleon and NP3 Ody for next year’s boy’s collection NA. Will they have single rate-ups? Or do they share it with the main servant?

You know you can ask questions like this here:

You don’t need to make a thread for it, but CBC always has shared rate ups to my recollection.


I see, I did not realize I was creating new threads. I will do this next time.

If by any chance we end up getting the pity system before next CBC, we could get single banners there (like this year in JP). A couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t even think about that but after the super early coin system implementation I can see the possibility.


If we don’t have the pity system, they will be shared.

If we get pity early (doubtful), they will be solo.