Chaldea PR announcement next week

I just saw this yesterday in the news section about there being an announcement from Aniplex USA next week. Any thoughts on what this is about? Could just be announcing the launch of the next story chapter, but I don’t remember them doing a big twitch announcement for any other chapter. Maybe a surprise announcement that anniversary starts right after Onigashima???

I really hope it’s not the anniversary yet. I want to roll for Archuria before Sherlock comes.

it’s pretty much certainly gonna be agartha announcement and info, maybe summer rerun tease too

so weeks of qp farming for me

Unlike Shinjuku, Agartha brings forth some juicy animation updates, so there’s more to talk about there.

I could see them talking about the Anniversary as well, as I doubt they’d do yet another stream before its actual date. We may once again get another QoL change ahead of its time, compared to JP.

And with Summer in the horizon, it could also be a chance to talk about costumes.