Challenge Quest Dragons

Now that Siegfried has gotten all of his strengthenings, does anyone know when we’ll get the chance to use him to his full potential? Which upcoming challenge quests will we be able to use Siegfried as our main DPS?

Sorry i can’t exactly answer the question but here is a link where you can see all the upcoming events (you can check there every boss fight that we are going to encounter)

Look for challenge quests where the boss has the trait dragon, like the Pendragons and Liz.

Or you can create the perfect challenge quest for Siggy by bringing st George. For some reason the np of our favorite saintly tank turns his enemies into dragons…

Use him against Lartoria, Lancer Alter, Lancerliz, Kiyolancer and Kiyozerc.

He’s an unit specially designed to bully them…

what betetr way to protect you then by turning your foes into dragons and slaying them

Well in lore it might make sense, but in the game it doesn’t because make sense because he can’t capitalize on the feature because he doesn’t have an anti dragon skills. The only way that skill has any use is to pair him with Siggy.

I remember using the NP once, way back when, and suddenly Enemy Jalter started buffing the enemy double. It didn’t go that well for me, I think.

Ahh yes, she does buff dragon allies extra. Whoops…

tbh, george’s np is the least fo my complaints for early game servants so :fgo_deadinside: