[Challenge Quest] It's a crab battle, sir

So, with the transfer and completion of the Challenge Quest guide, all the guides are now complete for Summer 2018 part 1.

I kind of went all-out on this Challenge Quest guide though, I’ve tried to include as many options for you guys to play around with. It’s not a very hard Challenge Quest, and you have plenty of freedom in how to solve it.

I highly advise watching the doko-da video, as nothing feels quite as right as some solo FirstKING Hassan videos.

Anyway, I think the Challenge Quest is available even now - so if anyone has any stories or teams to share, this is the place!

oh boy, giant enemy crabs

edit: also, I’m not seeing it listed, but I’m gonna assume ignore def doesn’t work either?

It doesn’t work, yeah. But skills and passives like core of the goddess that grant damage plus should go right through.

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I used Pierce Defense as the term, Ignore Defense is probably the right way to describe it based on localization.

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Best daddy ever!!!


I have to ask, how exactly does damage plus work? Is it a per hit thing or the overall damage of the attack?

sees triple buster servants,musashi isn’t there but gawain is

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By my understanding each individual hit gets additional dmg so say you got a 3 hit card and you have 200 dmg plus each individual hit has 200 added to it

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Gawain has burn damage, Musashi doesn’t.

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I find it funny that right after Sherlock comes out we get a challenge quest where you would think his np would make sense but instead it’s a special defense buff. Guess that’d be too easy lol

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I’m very surprised that this guide doesn’t feature Caster Liz

  1. Welfare, so most of the players have her
    1.1 and have her on NP5
  2. Burn on skill
    2.1 burn dmg doesn’t scale with level so she doesn’t need a huge progress on her skill enhancement to be effective
  3. Curse on NP
    3.1 and it’s an overcharge effect so you can amplify the DoT damage

I used this setup, frontalne survived whole fight (so backline didn’t even see the crabs) and no need to burn a single CS


Rhongomyniad intensifies :fgo_buster:

I haven’t tried many CQs since I started playing, but might borrow a Merlin to poke some fun at it.

-Have Saberlot
-Have Edison
-Have Tamamo
-Have Waver

See ya later nerds


@GrailedAstolfo @Insert-name It adds the total damage to the damage total of that card. Buster attack does 6k damage normally? With flat damage it does 7k. Buster NP does 18k normally? 19k with flat damage.

@belluchi I could add her, but Gawain also has a 1k AoE burn that scales with overcharge.

@Ivory_Black It really works, and I did really consider it heavily but…I didn’t add her on a technicality in that I didn’t know under which header to put it, then forgot about it.

The NP5 is meaningless here to be honest.

@Dangonzo Well, she is a Lancer, so, uh, good luck :fgo_jeannu:


Cleared it with 3 command seals.

Better than nothing, i guess.

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Failed an attempt with Angra and instead ended up clearing it using Arjuna.
Backline Herc got to play with the crabs at the end and there was a a large difference between Hercs buster chains and Arjuna’s non despite their different CEs.
I thought it would be somewhat more equal but this time I was severely mistaken.

So tempted to use mephistoles with curse ce after reading the word “curse” multiple times…

Okay mephistoles actually helped extremelly well than I thought he would be. Crab couldnt incrase his damage with buffs and with the ce’s np seal I was able to fill jeanne’s np

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Giant Enemy Crab Destroyed - took a while, though. The team, with borrowed NEETlin as support:

Made it needlessly long-winded and intense by not picking Zaynab’s starting outfit for additional heals, primarily since I didn’t think it’d drag out this long. I ended up throwing Command Seals for heals since I denied LMLOL’s and Chacha’s requests for time-out. Latter one was quite wasted since the crit the Giant Enemy Crab boss-person threw nommed all 15k of the poor girl’s buffed up HP. But, even with less than optimal CE equipped - and a severely misplaced Kamangir, not his fight, this - these two girls were just <3

Only got done raising Jeanne-u to 80 this evening by way of throwing the embers from summah Scotswoman, and prior to that some ~30-40 left-over embers from Thursday at her in 3s. I’ll make sure to do her interlude ASAP, while her stun was manageable it was definitely annoying having 2/3 to whole team stunned for a turn. xD

Can I confirm that death from nitocris does not work for this fight?