Challenge Quest Summer 2019 Berserker of El Dorado

I should grill DW for making this one pretty easy to clear - not only is it not hard to counter her, but Masters even get a massive Arts bonus as well as the ability to abuse her amazon mooks by keeping them alive.

For shame, although I will give out brownie points for those of you who are real men and women and take her out with what is clearly the GOAT Caster here. Yes, yes.

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This one was really fun with plugsuit shenanigans - I buffed up Enkidu with two Merlins, swapped him out for Tamamo, and popped him back in for the final bar.

Double Merlin Tamamo is terrifying because of the sheer lasting power - between two team-wide invulns, Tamamo’s charge reduction and curse and the healing, as well as the constant arts-crit giving a ton of NP gauge, you can cycle all three NPs once every two-three turns.

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I don’t think anyone can die at that point with that Arts buff. sheesh.

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Definitely one of the most easiest battles of them all. Archuria eliminates everything without breaking a sweat with tamamo and waver supporting her.

This one easier than Boudica… All I hear is Archuria saying " Suimingu no jikandesu! Minamo ni hikaru wa, karibā! “Yōkō kirameku karibā ekusukaribā vu~ivu~ian”! or “Suimingu! Karei, amarini mo karei! Hobashira to chire,“yōkō kirameku karibā ekusukaribā vu~ivu~ian”! !”

Disgustingly easy with mash Emiya Merlin.
UBW-> 95k damage
buster crit-> 214k :fgo_jeannu:

Really, really, entertaining challenge quest.

Front line demolition team: Nobu Berserker - Georgious - Ibaraki

Rear line (or how did i destroy last hp bar of Penth + her friends) : my Sherlock (crit beast) + friend Waver

Keeping my own team at low rarity going
Thought bringing a support nobu might be fun with that divine damage


Ending up Cu doing the clean up…

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Achille’s saying Pent is beautiful? Pah! Atalante is the only Greek beauty here <3 Glad to see I’m able to find another CQ where I get to use my Atalante hehe. If it weren’t for enemies being mostly sabers I would’ve went with someone else.


Go, go, Kuro! She made rather short work of the upstart berserker. Easily done, all in all.

Was planning on clearing this one later with Robin, after I find Tama on support list :fgo_badciv: And meanwhile to reuse my team from Atlante challenge for Orion, but accidently went in with it here :fgo_jeannu:

What saved me and my Lancer backline, was that Raikou is still underleveled and did not wipe out 3 wave in 1 turn :sweat_smile:

Anyway, my fastest CQ so far - 15 turns, all thanks to Mama

Same team as usual !

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I’m sorry Pent but this loli goddess will show you how to properly maul someone to death.

I guess I went against the current as I used Caster of Nightless City.
Even without max skills and external buffs her final NP hit for 102k.

Penth almost managed to finish her but that Guts came in handy.

All in all it only took 16 turns so not that hard.

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me and my waifu helped another person waifu so she can comeback to her place in the throne of heroes


Tried to do it in less than 10 turns but RNG was uncooperative.


I tried to waggle my eyebrows and hint at using her all throughout because one can! Shame mine is lvl 1 at NP3, not sure I want to level her for just this before Nero Fest Exp comes rolling in.

I thought those hints were pretty blatant and figured this was a good time to test her Anti-king traits.
The earlier waves could have gone faster with another damage dealer but she made short work of Penth so it evened out.

In general cases I’m not sure if she will be my default choice for AoE. I’ve got a Helena and Nursery Rhyme at decent NP levels but I’ll see after she has had her rank-ups.

Do you have many servants that you want to level during Nero Fest?

was gonna do kidgil, casgil, regular gilgamesh team but that arts bonus made squirt king a monster

Squirtoria, Helena, Support Waver. Backline wasn’t really needed, but I brought along Tamamo as a backup support and Tesla as backup DPS. If this was a cheaper CQ (so maybe next year?) I’d mess around with Tesla more. (Waver did die 1 turn before the end when a mook had a full charge, but I didn’t care about trying to keep him alive since Penth was dead at that pint.)

Arts buff from the field was really nice, and the crit stars from Helena/2030 went right to my champion. With all the arts buffs (field, Helena, CE) plus lucky crits she could NP every other turn to start, and quicker when Waver had his charging skills available.

Took 12 very easy turns.

As a side note, I didn’t quite have time to finish it before the maintenance started (I was about a minute past 2100 PST) so I’m not sure if I’ll get credit for finishing the quest or not (I really hope I don’t lose the reward to limbo though I might want to use those meteor fou cards someday).