Challenge Quest Summer 2019 Part 2 Clay (revived for 2020) Edition

Unlike the other Ishtar-copies Challenge Quest, this one has…nothing special really. It’s fun to mess around with the Divinity auto-targetting, but a Master with a competent Saber will find themselves having stomped Enkidu very quickly.

For new Masters, this one is the easiest to get. A Nero Claudius (Saber) can solo this quest handily - there are some links in the video section to help you out with that.

Either way, good luck!


I just don’t have any 3* Saber levelled, so I went for best father and daughter, didn’t expect umu need to fight at all


I didn’t expect Shakespeare to live that long and Hans get focused

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Honako green 4* edition xD

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I’m far from it :flushed:

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I think I brought a nuke to a knife fight in this one as I brought out my level 100 Okita and she destroyed Enkidu to a absurd degree. I softened up Enkidu first with Penth and then the rest was Crits and NP damage galore courtesy of Okita. It was nice to see a straight fight for once with no gimmicks and I had fun flexing with one of my favs.

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D’eon taunted like a dream here- between class advantage and a Support Waver, didn’t really even need to use the evade since they took such little damage.

Okita cut through Enkidu without any problems as well. Quite the easy CQ.

Mmm… sorry Enkidu but i think i’m going to obliterate you:

Saberlot - Merlin - Tamamo (I’m going to do what i call the " Garden of Amateratsu". Short way to mean a loop of Merlin and Tamamo’s NP )

rear: Suzuka gozen NP5 - don’t remember - Sherlock NP2 (my good last solo man. never failed me)

My tamamo was focused here and I actually welcomed it since clay has high hit counts on his attacks ,it was free np charging for tamamo with her morph and waver’s defense. I had extreme fun spamming tamamo’s NP 3 times in 5 turns. Overall an easy CQ.

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well they managed to take out my waver with their np late into the quest, possibly somewhat due to my stalling out a few turns with not wanting to use lancelot’s np with <20k health to last break bar. though unfortunately for them, that just meant they then also had a nero bride to deal with

But is it scripted in the fight that Enkidu targets always Tamamo?

I’m getting reverse luck EX here.

7 turns and Enkidu is only targeting my Tamamo. What did she do to him?

she’s divine

enkidu prioritizes targeting divine servants with normal attacks for this quest

And here i tought Enkidu was bullying her. Interesting. Poor Tamamo, but i’ll do my best to keep her alive as long as i can.

(On a side note, it’s like having a georgious with taunt always active)

…and Tamamo NP can be launched each 1-2 turns , also.

It was late at night when round 4 ended. At first planned to bring my lovely Bride, but after not seeing Tama on support list again :fgo_badciv: , decided to quickly grab another Merlin nail him with the team that carried me through all part 1 CQ, changing only backline, big mistake…

Yeah bringing divine zerks here is bad idea :fgo_jeannu: Raikou lived 3 turns, actually managed to even use NP once, but her stars did nt go to waste

NP crit chain and bride was one-shooting his hp bars and NP looping even with no Arts buffs

Heh easy, it’s time for Ne-
New servants i mean :fgo_jeannu:




Goodbye Enkidu. If you are interested, in the second picture there is the NP5 damage dealt by Suzuka (my strongest saber. )

old pic, but a tribute to my favourite NP animation and to the star of this Challenge quest who destroyed the last life bar of enkidu in a few turns

Deon is just too tanky for the clay lol
(and she finished him off?)

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The fun thing on this CQ
-Clay debuff imun, so D’eon NP are useless after 2nd break :rofl:
-Using Merlin 2nd skill to D’eon, can you guess D’Eon Gender after affected by merlin skill? :rofl:

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Actually, it looks like a stall team, but with 29 turns, that’s fairly quick

And glad you enjoyed the CQ

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Kingu Done…

FL - Nero Bride, Mozart(swapped with Tamamo), Waver
BL - Bedi, Mash, Tamamo(swapped with Mozart)

Result - 3 Back to back Fax Caelestis Kill him quickly, sharply and heavily. Targeting Divine Servant? there’s no way some clay doll can touch my Tamamo

I used Hans, Okita, Georgius and Ecchan.
Only one that died was Georgius though he lived a long time.
His taunt managed to get off the CD :smile:

Ecchan barely had to use her buffs before Enkidu died.
Though if rng hadn’t been with me then she would have died to an NP, instead Enkidu fired it at Hans that had Georgius protection.