Challenge Quest Summer 2019 Part 2 DOG edition (revived for 2020 edition)

The evil people at Delighworks sneakily put the hardest “mini-CQ” on the first area people attempt. Devious. Devilish. Exuberant. Only 40 AP a try!

In any case, a veteran of EoR should have no issues with this Ishtar copy CQ, but new Masters may find themselves in a pickle. A bond 10 Heracles from a friend can potentially see you through, and spending some Command Seals is well worth the effort if all else fails.

Otherwise Dog-trainer BB is up for a new mission.

Who needs to worry with Insta dead when you can stuntlock Dogo with Waver and BBs

This look like a job for super Eurayle, slayer of all thing male!

Nearly a full stable of SSR servants and here I am still using mash and the 3 star Eurayle I got during my tutorial roll

BB, Waver, and Tamamo–12 turns, and he never got an NP off.

that was the hardest mini-cq?

never even had to resort to my backline for anything, nor did dog ever get to use his np

if that was the hardest, then I’ve nothing to worry about, it seems

Yeah, was expecting a harder challenge. But the preparedness of BB, Merlin, Euryale did work. Turn 12 he go bye bye. Delayed it a bit bringing in Beowulf after the 2nd break, build up his NP and watch him do work on this poor puppy. Beowulf deserved it though. He shined for me throughout all these challenges quests. Now, if I only had any QP to actually use the 5th copy of Ishtar to NP5 her…that be nice.

Definitely not hard, so I stick to my low rarity team


Of course Cu will always be last man standing

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For Me, the only hard one is Bull of Heaven… other CQ still manageable. BoH might be troublesome since I’m lacking of strong Assassins and need to depend on Shiki… and the 3 star Hassans

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BB Die after got NP-ed by Dog (1st time enemies using NP)
Merlin Die

At first i think i’ll lose easily because mash at low hp, and i just randomly put Chu, Herc, and Vinci in backline.


Looks like Chu & Herc refuse to die :fgo_buster:

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I used penth to cut down Lobo’s first bar and then for some reason swapped out her for Ishtar over BB but it went really easily even without class advantage or a single target NP as she spams hard and hits like a truck. Could have probably completed this with BB being the main DPS but it was nice to get a reminder on who deserves the next grailing as I was torn between Ishtar & Penth but this match put the ball clearly in Ishtar’s court.

Hmm…to Jeanne, or not to Jeanne? It’s rough when some of the best supports suffer from class disadvantage. I figured I might as well try it, so went with BB/Jeanne/Support Waver in the frontline. Jeanne lasted long enough, I guess- only used her NP 1x, but that avoided 1 of his NPs, which got me through to his 2nd break bar without a problem. Waver and Merlin took over as support from there.

Dog Done…

FL :- BB, Tamamo, Merlin
BL :- Vlad, Hans, Mash…

No one dead, No CS used.

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This is a bit hard for me, because i have Tamamo and BB with skills at level 1.

Plus, BB is also still only level 60.

Well, people say that this challenge is easy…if you have skills at a decent level.

Oh well, first hp bar depleted. Let’s see how things will go.

I completed the challenge in 5 turns, NP looping with BB for the win. The first 2 break bars were down with 2 NPs one after the other and a critical from BB, the last break bar took 3 turns. Team was BB/Tamamo/Waver, I had quite a lot of fun

I used the orthodox BB, Tama and Waver squad.
Didn’t need to use BB’s skills, shot of the stun for the fun of it whenever it came out of CD but it being level 1 only worked one time.

Nobody died and Tamamo even took 0 damage for a turn.

She did it.
Oh, and she also say hello.


Easy 8-turns kill. Cu Alter the solution to everything. BB didn’t even have to go out to the field.

Merlin BB Tamamo for all the avenger CQ in this post-event worked wonders for me.

I want to reiterate that when I speak of hardest I mean this in a newbie (no BB or max ascension) way. The other ones are easier to solo in my eyes, making them more palatable for everyone to clear.

Doggo is more annoying than that.

tbh, I feel if you’re going for solo runs with cq content, you’re kinda already disqualified from being a newbie