Challenge Quest Summer 2019 Part 2 Mysterious Man Edition Part 2 2020 Edition

Is it Carmilla? Is it a Nightingale? No it’s a plain Assassin of Shinjuku!

Another CQ with some auto-targetting behaviour. It’s ripe for the manipulation, and I believe it’s the 2nd easiest after Enkidu has been disposed of. Just be careful of that Nightingale, she really hurts actually.


Great tips. Ripped through Carmilla turn 1, beat out Nightingake soon after. Assassin got one of my Servants before succumbing to the expected loss. Easier when you know what to expect and can prepare.

Yeah, I lost my Sanzang earlier than I wanted (damage from Black Grail left her with the lowest HP). It wasn’t the worst, since I got lucky with RNG on face cards/crit stars, but I was left with 2 full supports (Waver and Merlin) as well as Helena to finish Nighingale and bring down Assassin of Shinjuku.

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To be honest, I felt like I underestimated this fight, but I got there at the end


I definitely underestimate what the nurse can do

Felt like I stalled with 2 Hans :roll_eyes:


Bring your 5* :fgo_badciv:


They need a holiday :joy:


even nightingale being the biggest threat, as previously mentioned, couldn’t accomplish anything

Thousand Faced Assassin Done…

FL - Illya, Mash, Merlin,
BL - Sanzang, Hans,

No One Dead, No CS used…

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Easy 5 turns clear. Could have been 4 turns if only Cu Alter had done more damage on the 4th turn.

Well this quest was easier than I expected. I usually don’t like assassin bosses due to the 3 turn charge but I guess this wasn’t the case for Assassin of Shinjuku. (Ignore the different Merlins. Forgot to take a pic so I used a filler and couldn’t be bothered to spend half an hour finding the Merlin I used)

Wanted to see if crit Medea would work but RNG wasn’t on my side and missed a lot of 80%-90% crits.

For those who are wondering what I used Arash for

She sadly lived with 18K HP but Crits from Merlin solved it the next turn.

And that’s it. Done with all the CQ. Surprisingly, doing it as F2P as possible was fun.


I went with this team:

And had these results:

Nightinggale proved to be a bit of a problem with her auto-targetting, because she left Mash at the brink of death before she died, her buffed buster hits smashing right through my defenses. There, Mash teetered for the rest of the battle, but she survived to the end!

Assassin is up next and all I could say is that I’m loving using Holmes as a crit DPS. I’m so glad I was able to get him!

Also, funnily enough, Mash was actually able to deal more dmg than Holmes was. I guess she had enough with getting auto targeted by Carmilla and Nightingale.

I just screen captured it before he died


Bad luck + underestimating Nightingale (her atack is half problem - defense was much more problematic). And for some reason, Camilla zeroed in on Sanzang, completely ignoring Nero :fgo_jeannu: Well, had losses cause of it, in hindsight, should’ve
brought my own Medea instead of Sanzang.

11 turn. 2 loses :disappointed_relieved:

Sanzang + Helena + Merlin

8 turns.
Though, only because I overdid it a bit against Nightingale.
Totally buffed Sanzang to make sure the NP kills.
Well the NP killed… as well as the following Arts crit and Buster crit… Too much unnecessary overgauge.
Afterwards I needed a few turns to refill her NP-bar.

Isn’t the result will be same when you brought Xuanzang?
Both are female and medea would get killed easily than xuanzang?

Oh, with more arts cards to play with, plus debuff clear on NP, she could have charged Nero NP faster with arts chains plus removed def buff from Nightingale - if not for this buf, my Nero would have one-shoted her on NP brave chain. Hey, she did nullify crit bufs on Shinjiku assassin, making me laugh at his pathetic class disadvantaged damage :fgo_rinlaugh:

Nightingale killed my girl :frowning:,i m watching a movie at the same time so i didn’t pay much attention xD

Poor nursery

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They killed my girl :frowning:
Da vinci destroyed them !

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