Challenge Quest Summer 2019 Part 2 Snek Edition (revived for 2020)

The second of the Avenger fights, they are certainly making BB work this event! Well, if one doesn’t prefer Berserkers for this sort of thing. Considering Gorgon changes to the Babylonia monster version on second break, using Berserkers/Avengers becomes super tempting.

Yes, please, hit me more with those full NP charging basic attacks, fill my NP Bar now!

In any case, this one is actually a bit of a pain to solo because Gorgon could well decide to release a few stuns. And retrying this encounter for 40 AP is pretty darn steep. Another candidate for simply using Command Seals for new Masters - what is pride in the face of an NP Upgrade!?

Veteran Masters should have no issues though.

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Kinda easy, 13 turns, BB Tamamo Mash.

I am going to rename Beowulf to “True Fist of the North Star”. His Buster dmg is incredible. It feels really nice to bring out your Maxxed out Servants that you dont farm with and watch them do DPS on another level that you haven’t seen in awhile. Did short work of this challenge. Thx for the info.

oh. very tempted to grab a support ana, for a repeat of unlimited np stun works, in that case

I honestly forgot how easy Gorgon is as a opponent because she doesn’t hit very hard and her last form unintentionally increases NP’s at a fast rate making her even easier. I remember easily dominating Gorgon back in Babylonia but this was someone even easier because BB is literally her worst nightmare with the stuns, class advantage, and incredible crit power. She is so damn great as a servant and I’m glad I skill maxed her as she is just so great in so many ways and was fantastic in all Avenger fights in this event. Team comp: Waver, Mash, BB, Penth, Assassin Scathach, and some berserker as support.

Like the first avenger, she went down in 11 turns, no NPs, to BB (L1 skills) , Waver (NP1, 6/6/10), and Tamamo (NP1, 4/3/10). Even used just the plugsuit in case Merlin’s invincibility–so just used the ATK buff on BB’s T1 NP, and never had to use the stun.

so I did what I said, and somewhat predictably, out of all the mini-cqs thus far, gorgon ended up taking out the most servants

still never had to break out the command spells or revival quartz though

Thought I’ll use similar team as against doggy

(My Asterios are not ready, or it’ll be a different fun team :laughing:)


Thought I could stack 2 of Han’s NP to tank the aoe np, rng definitely not reliable

Yep, only Cu and BB left


Well, this CQ was fun. Looping Asterios NP against Gorgon again was really fun. Although, I wish it would’ve been from the beginning otherwise I would’ve had Davi instead of Mash all the way until the end just like what I did in Babylon


BB makes every Avenger boss incredibly easy, truly one of the best welfares.


Wherever avengers appears, BB will take care of them.

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Used the same setup as this one, but with the Atlas Academy Uniform instead of Combat Uniform. Ended up clearing in 6 turns.

Like many others here BB wrapped things up very neatly.

FGO Tips :

  1. Raise Mash
  2. Roll Merlin/Borrow Merlin
  3. Raise BB


Eh, this one started all wrong, first apparenly all Tama owners on my list rolled Nero Caster, what are the odds?! :fgo_illya: Next, I was sure entered doggy fight, until level loaded up, well not much difference. Then BB got stuned at literally worst time, screwing over her brave chain and NP timing for whole team.
So here it is

Had to tank NP once, but no losses, no CS (not like I have them, after bullfighting :fgo_jeannu: )

Sorry about that. I honestly forgot about updating my support list now that the CQ’s are out.
Tama is in the all slot now.

Gorgon done.

FL: BB, Tamamo, Waver
BL: Vlad, Mash Hans

BB chanerru strike again

Fgo tips :
1.roll raikou
2.use raikou everywhere with a support merlin(@Rationale)


Anything for you, dear :heart:

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That poor little ana didn’t even get to play with ber older self,this is sad :frowning: