Challenge Quest Summer 2019 Part 2: The Best Prison Director (revived for 2020)

Is this truly a Challenge Quest? The jury is out on that one. But with a Summon Ticket on the line and a costume for one of Nasu’s favorite Servants, who is complaining? Field your best Assassin of choice, watch the enemies fall, and grab your rewards!

Somehow making this thread makes me feel like I am creating an impression this “CQ” is harder than it is.


I borrowed zero’s MHX and cleared it with her! Quite easy!

But I think that is by design so as many masters as possible can unlock Medb’s costume.

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The tips are great. I thought it woulda been harder. But preparedness is awfully nice.

I used this challenge quest to primarily see how well my new Mordred performs in a wave clearing scenario and she frankly crushed it with solid NP spamming and delicious buster crits (courtesy of Carmilla) making mincemeat out of those lancers. I also for once got a pitch perfect performance from Carmilla as it feels like this quest was built for her with two female riders and lots of opportunities for her skillset to shine which goes to show that while not versatile she is great when all the conditions are set up just right. Overall this quest went pretty smoothly and I was really pleased with how my team handled it as I only lost one member right on the last turn and didn’t even use my support. Team: Waver, Carmilla, Mordred, Penth, Assassin Scathach, and I think Ibaraki as support.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this CQ to appear for a good while now! Heh. My Sanson is going to have fun cutting up Medb and Quetz again hehe.

Mordred to AoE the Lancer mobs, NP5 Carmilla to drain Quetz and and Medb of their life. I will say that the taunt that Medb would throw on Quetz was annoying- I probably could’ve done it a couple turns earlier if I just bit the bullet and did it, but I didn’t want to waste the NP 100k+ damage when Quetz only had 40k or so HP left, so I ended up spending a few turns facecarding her instead.

Is this the first time the AI uses a taunt like that? I think I’ve only ever seen them throw it on someone on my front line, never their own.

And that’s another queen for Sanson’s list of executions, although listed twice.


Although sad (not really) Merlin died turn 2 to a Qutz crit and since I didn’t expect for the worst I never fixed my back-line so it was Medusa-Lily, Mash, and Sanson brawling their way through. Worked out until the end though, with his own buffs Sanson was still able to one shot Medb.

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Easy 7-turns clear with a full DPS team + the usual supports.

Jack is the ultimate thot slayer

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I can’t say that this one are CQ :thinking:
I just need to borrow Jack, along with my lv 80 shuten & lv 60 summer scathach.

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I haven’t use curse arm for ages, not a bad run having him making a comeback


Jing Ke did more damage with her NP then I thought

It’s inevitable that Cu need to face the thot once more lol
But easy fight for Carmilla finishing her full HP with one NPABEx

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I want that carmilla :anchin_sama:

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I want her in my Chaldea as well lol

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Saberlot + Double King Hassan lvl 100 = violence and easy win :joy:

Main account time and starting things off with Medb.

Not as quick as when I did it with my Sanson since he ca abuse his niche their but that doesn’t mean Serenity is going to back down! She was actually able to one shot Medb on her last bar hehe.

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I was in the mood for some variation so my team wasn’t exactly the best choice.

I won even if I mistimed some skills or chose less optimal command cards.

In the end Cleo had to wrap things up.
Medb used a surprise Golden Rule and one-shotted Serenity. Scathach was on the brink so she fell after a boot to the head.

I think I could have had a better result if I had maxed Hans and Georgius skills. Scathach also fell behind with her CD.

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This was basically a rerun of Medb boss fight, with barely any extra grimmicks. So, decided to wrap it up with Raikou.

BTW, a bit of AI being AI - Quetz are you sure this mob needed buster up and guts more than you, or were you secretly on my side :smile:

And this wraps up summer CQ

Main lesson from summer: truly Rider is the strongest class :laughing:


Huh… I passed off her benevolence skill as a bug or something… didn’t think it would happen to anyone else. I just passed it off as good luck and didn’t look back as i wrecked this CQ’s shit.

Now I feel dumb.
I thought Medb --> Female --> Jack NP5 --> went with it.
How the hell could I forget about Serenity!?
And since I watched Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night UBW just the other day my Saber of choice was obviously Arturia.
Three Excaliburs have been used during this CQ.

This was my team:

And these were my results:

I really should’ve taken a saber with me to take out some of those lancers, instead of an all-assassin team. Oh well, just took me a couple more turns.