Challenge Raikou vs little snake Princess

I decided to record my attempts at the challenge quest this time around, so now the whole community can see that I’m totally gifted as a tactician :^)
Please don’t get mad at the app restarts, I didn’t have the time to do a perfect run nor was I willing to edit everything out.


it’s fine xD ,who doesn’t do that.
Between i was quite disapointed when i saw that astolfo was benchwarmer xD but yeah nice run

He got to shine for a bit, but I wanted to use Kiyohime as my primary DPS.

yep that np chain at the end did way more damage than i exepected

Got no tomboy Nobu at the ready, or was the point to just try something different? ;D

Just saw how your Kiyo got deleted, natural choice for me there would have been to throw Kyrie’s battery on her and unleash NP, which would have deleted the entire row. I cheesed the q myself by deploying Nobu and just abusing Command Spell recharge in 2nd stage to reduce boss lady to ~600k HP, after which my backrow smoothly took over.

Thought I’d try something different, with two unusual servant picks. Kiyohime and Astolfo aren’t the usual choices in challenges like this, so I used them.

Haha, should know about that, too, what with my Leon stealing the limelight from Nobu in the end. xD


Looking at that other situation where you decided to reset, I do think your Asto’ and Jeanne would have been able to take it from there @ last bar, 1M HP even without it.

I feel like I should try this out myself, sometime before the event ends

(fun fact: was actually thinking of having kiyo in as a secondary dps, but since I wanted ibaraki to be the main star…)

didnt show team comp at the start

1/10 :^)

Here is my iteration of Kiyohime DPS for the CQ.

Sorry for the LQ. Never recorded my gameplay in FGO before, and took a couple tries to figure out how it works.
Also removed audio cuz it recorded background noises due to me forgetting to change audio settings.

Battle went pretty smoothly imo. Proud of this run! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That 21 million QP I had saved up, all used on Kiyo to level up skills. Can you believe she used to be 4/4/1?

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the fuck was wrong with you?

now make her 10/10/10 and give her some grails

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What do you think I’m trying to do to every Servant I possess? There’s a reason why I never have any QP lol

logically one can never 10/10/10 every servant in the game due to there being 200+ of them and therefore almost 600++ skills with there being nowhere enough lores

Good thing I don’t have anywhere close to every Servant in the game.

Like 60% of the Servants I own have never been in combat. I only keep them around in case they’ll be some bonus Servant in a future event.

I do admit I misworded my previous claim.
I intend to 10/10/10 the other 40%, or at least get them all to lvl 9

thats my goal too,
except not 40%

mines like 70%
also rexlent exists anyways
but rexlent so

also this guy exists

but its all 1-3 star :pensive:

also rexlent exists anyways

also this guy exists
but its all 1-3 star

Also rexlent : Huh, who are you ? you’re not F2P ?

this is why my ultra long term goal is 8/8/8 everyone at minimum

Why not 9/9/9 everyone?