Challenge Rush Champion

70 million rising rush damage… well this should be fun trying to find combos for this lol. I’ve only tried three times before moving on to start the other new missions released and my record was 32 million stacking some buffs on Gogeta. I’m curious what everyone else is using and what they’re getting. Also team Super Warrior ftw.

I have reached 61 million with gogeta.
Used gogeta, frost and bardock, and the bench was super vegeta, android 18 BLU and another blue buffer.

Farm dragon balls, and transform with gogeta, then get ready 1 green card , 1 blue and 2 blast. Change to frost, active is main ability, change to bardock and immediatly to gogeta. Wait 10 timer counts for gogeta to get is 50% special boost, use green card, ativate is main and do the rising rush while frost debuff is still active.

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Got to 47 mil tried what you had said but I’m lacking super vegeta and I used shallot instead of frost

Any one tried different combos that seem to work well