Challenging Arlo

Thinking about going against Arlo’s team, I had a thought. What about putting Torterra in the second spot? It resists water (Gary’s waterfall) and triple resists electric (Magnezone). Might have considerable trouble against Crobat, though. The combination of Razor leaf, Frenzy Plant, and Earthquake can do a fair amount of damage to the other two.

Torterra has no utility against Scyther or any of the round 3 pokemon (Dragonite, Charizard, Scizor), so I guess this is a stretch, but it would totally own Magnezone. Garchomp might be a better choice, though.

It doesn’t actually resist water. Just use a Raikou.

Also, Magnezone resists its attacks, plus Razor Leaf has low energy gain so it’s not likely to charge Earthquake easily.

I think that Hippowdon and Garchomp might be better choices, especially when Hippowdon can chip the third guy with Body Slam in case if it has to die.

The lack of utility against the other spots and being double weak to flying crobat kept him off the gamepress list. If I’m walled by magnezone, I’ll give him a shot tho

I was thinking about that too. It seemed like a lot of the recommendations vs the Rocket leaders were for some expensive and legacy options (maxed out Lucario+Poliwrath, 2 charge moves on legacy Zapdos+Moltres…). I considered Tort but Razor Leaf won’t have the output needed (neither will Bite). I opted for defaulting to A-Golem, Magnezone, and Heatran. I think no matter which way you go, it’s highly likely you’ll need to retry with more targeted counters but hopefully you can at least last to the 3rd one.

I reel like these leaders need near maxed out counters, theres not much of a cheap way to do it

One pokemon i’ve actually found works pretty well is actually aggron, since its so chunky and it resists FC and AS while hitting for a double super effective smack down

Death to Aggron!..I mean yes, rock/steel is a great combination against Arlo as an opener, but I find Bastiodon as a better investment, it may be a rare Mon in comparison to Aggron, but at least it have a great spot in the PvP Meta and it need to be Max out for the great league, so as long as it have 12 or less IV attack, it can serve for PvP and for Rocket battles up to lvl 40.

You need to think out of the window as well.

Never thought that my maxed Registeel, Altered Giratina, Armored Mewtwo etc would come into handy till this point.

I’ve used it pretty well against Sierra and Alro, i’ve had a high level 98% for a long time, and its actually been ripping their teams pretty well. Its not the fastest thing in the world, but it works a hell of a lot better than legacy ttar against Arlo, i’ve used bastiodon a bit, but it just feels like the fight drags on and on because that attack difference. It can actually stand up to lapras’ water gun pretty well, especially if you stunlock sneasel and just chunk it with fast moves then hit stone edge on lapras.

Is it the most effective thing in the world? Nope, but it works a lot better than expected.

@Mr-ex777 Even my level 25 Altered Giratina’s been working well, it nearly 1v3’s Arlo SC/AP, had it been shadow sneak double move it could have beaten Mag faster and have enough HP against scizor, I like how the things that are not great normally are actually getting to be really good in use, pokemon like aggron and altered giratina get to use that bulk for something.

For magnezone I used Flygon, which does have the triple resistance while doing double-effective damage against it and it does charge earth power quickly thanks to mud shot. then, switched to my third mon according to what he has as third option.

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Be noted that Swampert can take down both Magnezone and Scizor at the same time. (Moves are Mud Shot/Surf/Earthquake) Charizard can do it as well if you are lucky.


I’ll do it. I have a 97% that always wants to come out to fight blissey. If it can take out scyther and keep at least one shield intact I’ll do it.

I got through Arlo’s scyther with a level 30 a-golem rt/rb, no second move (just a hair of hp left, but…). So, there are options that don’t require a quarter million dust. I also used a level 35 regular golem on the scizor at the end (just a weather boosted wild catch). I won by a hair.

SD ttar works better, in the sense that there is lots of it left over, except maybe for furry cutter. Crunch helps it clear shields faster, and stone edge wrecks some of the later stage possibilities. So, spending a pile of dust can make things easier, though.

Well, yes and no. Smacktar (SD Ttar) is something everyone should have, or be working to get (fingers crossed that it opens up in the December CD/Cweekend/whatever. Yes, one spends a pile of dust, but it’s a pile of dust one should spend even if there’s no PvP out there.